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とべ(跳べ/飛べ) ―― 墜落もまた或種の飛翔だ
Tobe (Jump/Fly)! ―― Fall is also a kind of flight.

歴史暦:古今東西 07/06 今日の出來事

-371/0706:Greece、Battle of Leuctra,
where Epaminondas defeated Cleombrotus I, takes place


"The sacred unit" of Tabai is made up of homosexuals, and it is an elite unit which was expected to exert power more than enough by raising morale by fighting with loved ones. They were guaranteed living by government expenses, and they were always able to engage in training, and their abilities were said to be the strongest in Greece compared to Sparta.

{なかなかの good idea だと思ふが、後世に受け繼がれなかったのは、語られてゐるほどの結果を常時出せなかった、といふことではないだらうか。愛の世界では死を厭はないとしても、戰場での死は尻込みしたのではないだらうか。愛は死よりも強し、死よりも愛のはうを彼等は選んだのではあるまいかと私には想像されてくるのである。

0640/0706:Egypt、Battle of Heliopolis:
The Muslim Arab army under 'Amr ibn al-'As defeat the Byzantine forces near Heliopolis (Egypt).


Tang Dynasty thanks to AnLushan(安祿山070357)Dongping County(東平郡), Tang Dynasty handsome king's habit from the beginning.


the most influential of a number of Tendai(天臺) scholars active during the tenth and eleventh centuries in Japan.

恵心院 (比叡山延暦寺横川兜率谷)


1044/0706:Hungary、Battle of Ménfő
between troops led by Emperor Henry III & Magyar forces led by Samuel Aba, King of Hungary, takes place.


1189/0706:England、Richard I "Lionheart" accedes to the English throne.


1253/0706:Mindaugas is crowned King of Lithuania.

1348/0706:BlackDeath、Pope Clement VI issues a papal bull protecting the Jews accused of having caused the Black Death.

1387/0706:Queen Blanche I of Navarre 138741、誕生




1411/0706:China、Ming China's Admiral Zheng-He returns to Nanjing after the third treasure voyage and presents the Sinhalese king, captured during the Ming–Kotte War, to the Yongle Emperor.

1415/0706:Jan Hus 136915、焚刑

Jan Hus is condemned as a heretic and then burned at the stake.
Er ist ein böhmischer christlicher Theologe, Prediger und Reformator.

After John Wycliffe, the theorist of ecclesiastical Reformation, Hus is considered the first Church reformer, as he lived before Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli.

1483/0706:Richard III is crowned King of England.

この惡事の經緯は William Shakespeare の `Richard Ⅲ` でも見てください。Edward Ⅴ の事も記憶するに最適のかたちで造形されてゐる。
Please also look at the 'Richard Ⅲ' of William Shakespeare. Edward Ⅴ is also shaped in the best way to remember things.

1483/0706:Edward V 147083、處刑?

He was never crowned, and his 86-day reign was dominated by the influence of his uncle and Lord Protector, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, who succeeded him as Richard III on 26 June 1483;

ロンドン塔の Edward と Richard(弟)、後世の想像圖

1484/0706:Portuguese sea captain Diogo Cão finds the mouth of the Congo River.

1495/0706:First Italian War: Battle of Fornovo:
Charles VIII defeats the Holy League.

1535/0706:Thomas More 147835、Beheading(斷頭處刑)

Sir Thomas More is executed for treason against King Henry VIII of England.

1553/0706:Edward VI 153753 of England、死去

The son of Henry VIII 149147 & Jane Seymour 150937.
King of England & Ireland from 28 January 1547 until his death.

Edward VI signing his first Death-Warrant by John Pettie R.A

1557/0706:King Philip II of Spain, consort of Queen Mary I of England,
sets out from Dover to war with France, which eventually resulted in the loss of the City of Calais, the last English possession on the continent, and Mary I never seeing her husband again.

1560/0706:Treaty of Edinburgh is signed by Scotland & England.



1573/0706:Córdoba(in Argentina)is founded by Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera.

1573/0706:Fin du siège de La Rochelle.

Siege of La Rochelle ends.


「古田 Furuta 重然 Shigenari(織部 Oribe)」下剋上の戰國大名。茶道の千利休152291の弟子となり、師匠の利休とは別種の美學を茶道にもたらした。



1630/0706:30 Years' War:
4000 Swedish troops under Gustavus Adolphus land in Pomerania, Germany.

1685/0706:Battle of Sedgemoor:
Last battle of the Monmouth Rebellion. troops of King James II defeat troops of James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth.

1746/0706:Première bataille de Négapatam.

1758/0706:French-Indian War: Fight of Carillon begins.

1759/0706:Début de la bataille de Fort Niagara.

La bataille de Fort Niagara est la dernière bataille majeure entre français et anglais pour la possession de la vallée de l'Ohio, lors de la guerre de Sept Ans.

1770/0706:Bataille de Tchesmé.

La bataille de Tchesmé est un affrontement entre les flottes de la Russie de Catherine II et de l'Empire ottoman lors de la guerre qui les opposa entre 1768 et 1774.

1777/0706:American Revolutionary War: Siege of Fort Ticonderoga:
After a bombardment by British artillery under General John Burgoyne, American forces retreat from Fort Ticonderoga, New York.

1779/0706:Battle of Grenada:
The French defeat British naval forces during the American Revolutionary War.

1782/0706:3me bataille de Négapatam.

{なんといふ War, Battle, Fight の連續。ヨウロパ人が世界中を戰場にしてしまった。

1785/0706:USA、US dollar is unanimously elected as money for the United States. This is the first time a state adopts a decimal currency system.


At the school office in Shouheizaka, classes other than Zhuji school are forbidden.

1794/0706:Wilhelm Hensel 179461、誕生

ドイツの肖像画家、作曲家の Felix Mendelssohn 180947 とは妻との關係で義兄弟となる。

Self Portrait
彼が描いた Felix Mendelssohn 180947 

1801/0706:France、Première bataille d'Algésiras.

First Battle of Algeciras: Outnumbered French Navy ships defeat the Royal Navy in the fortified Spanish port of Algeciras.

1808/0706:Johann Gustav Bernhard Droysen 180884、誕生

ein bedeutender deutscher Historiker und Geschichtstheoretiker.



1808/0706:Le frère de Napoleon Bonaparte Joseph a été nommé roi d'Espagne à Bayonne.

{私は NepotismNapoleon から造語されたのではないか、と思ふことがよくある。どうして、こんな男をフランスは英雄視するのだらう。フシギでならない。勝ったのだって最初のうちだけじゃないか。

1809/0706:The 2nd day of the Battle of Wagram;
France defeats the Austrian army in the largest battle to date of the Napoleonic Wars.

1815/0706:pendant la guerre d'indépendance colombienne、Combat de Tolú.

Le combat de Tolú est une bataille navale livrée le 6 juillet 1815, au large de Tolú, en Colombie.

1836/0706:en Algérie、Bataille de la Sikkak.

La bataille de la Sikkak (ou Sickak) oppose  sur les bords de la Sikkak, affluent de la Tafna (dans la région de Tlemcen), les troupes françaises conduites par le général Bugeaud aux combattants de l'émir Abd el-Kader.

1854/0706:Georg Ohm 178954、死去

ein deutscher Physiker. {オウムの法則のオウムです。

1865/0706:The Nation magazine is published.

1885/0706:France, Louis Pasteur teste avec succès son vaccin contre la rage.
Le patient est Joseph Meister, un garçon qui a été mordu par un chien enragé.

Louis Pasteur successfully tests his vaccine against rabies on Joseph Meister, a boy who was bitten by a rabid dog.

1886/0706:Marc Bloch 188644、誕生

un historien français, fondateur avec Lucien Febvre des Annales d'histoire économique et sociale en 1929. アナル學派の代表者の一人。

その死は ―― WWⅡが起こると53歳であったにもかかはらず出征し、フランスがドイツに早々と降伏した後もレジスタンス運動を続けたが、故郷のリヨンで捕縛され、銃殺刑に處せられた。

1887/0706:USA、David Kalākaua, monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaii, is forced to sign the Bayonet Constitution,
which transfers much of the king's authority to the Legislature of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

1893/0706:Guy de Maupassant 185093、精神病院で狂死


Guy de Maupassant à 7 ans.

Maupassant à la fin de sa vie.





1892/0706:3800 striking steelworkers engage in a day-long battle with Pinkerton agents during the Homestead Strike, leaving 10 dead and 12 wounded.



The Sasako Tunnel of the National Railway Central Line passes through.

1907/0706:Frida Kahlo 190754、誕生

, Mexican painter

1908/0706:Robert Peary starts his North Pole expedition.


An anti-Japanese armed uprising in Taiwan under Japanese rule.

1916/0706:Odiron Redon 184016、死去

Son art explore les aspects de la pensée, l'aspect sombre et ésotérique de l'âme humaine, empreinte des mécanismes du rêve. わが最愛の画家

1917/0706:WWⅠ「Arab Rebolt」、Arabian troops led by T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) & Auda ibu Tayi capture Aqaba from the Ottoman Empire during the Arab Revolt.


1919/0706:In Berlin wird das von Magnus Hirschfeld gegründete Institut für Sexualwissenschaft eröffnet.

{二十世紀は「3S」の時代、Sex と Sport と Screen の時代と云はれたが、「S」といふ字形の蛇態に二十世紀といふ時代の邪惡さが象徴されてゐるやうに思ひ感じてきたものであった。

1919/0706:British dirigible R34 lands in New York, completing the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by an airship.

1933/0706:USA、The first Major League Baseball All-Star Game is played in Chicago's Comiskey Park. 


1935/0706:Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama、誕生

1937/0706:Spanish Civil War: Battle of Brunete:
The battle begins with Spanish Republican troops going on the offensive against the Nationalists to relieve pressure on Madrid.

1939/0706:Deutsch Holocaust: The last remaining Jewish enterprises in Germany are closed.

1939/0706:Soviet pilot, Olga Klepikowa, sets an absolute track record with an RF-7 glider.
The flying 749.209 kilometers can only be surpassed in 1951 by an aircraft with a laminar profile.


The Japan Imperial Navy started the first test flight of the Zero type fighter aircraft (Zero Sen).

1941/0706:Nazi Germany launches its offensive to encircle several Soviet armies near Smolensk.

1942/0706:WWⅡ、Anne Frank & her family go into hiding in the "Secret Annexe" above her father's office in an Amsterdam warehouse.



Jouzaburou Makiguchi & Jousei Toda who founded Souka Kyouiku Gakkai (=Soka Gakkai) are arrested for violation of the security maintenance law.

1944/0706:USA、Hartford circus fire,
one of America's worst fire disasters, kills approximately 168 people and injures over 700 in Hartford, Connecticut.


Air raid of the mainland Japan by the US military: Air raid in Chiba

1947/0706:AK-47 goes into production in the Soviet Union.



Shimoyama Incident. The Sadanori Shimoyama of the Governor of the National Railways who had been missing since the previous day is found in the dead body.


19 former Japanese soldiers and 1 female living in Mariana Islands Anatahan Island without knowing the end of the war return to Japan. (Queen Case of Anatahan)


Grand Sumo wrestling, holding the first Nagoya place. (Grand Sumo wrestling has been held six times a year)

1961/0706:Scott LaFaro 193661、死去

傳説の Jazz Basist(Bill Evans Trioの

In June 1961, the Bill Evans trio settled into the Village Vanguard in New York City for a two-week gig. By now the trio was turning some heads for its groundbreaking style. The last day of the run, June 25, was recorded live in its entirety for eventual release as two albums, Sunday at the Village Vanguard and Waltz for Debby, albums considered among the finest live jazz recordings of all time.

1962/0706:William Faulkner 189762、死去

Faulkner wrote novels, short stories, a play, poetry, essays, and screenplays. He is primarily known for his novels and short stories set in the fictional Yoknapatawpha County, based on Lafayette County, Mississippi, where he spent most of his life.

1962/0706:Sedan nuclear test takes place, as a part of Operation Plowshare.

1964/0706:Malawi declares its independence from the U.K.


1967/0706:Nigerian Civil War:
Nigerian forces invade Biafra, beginning the war.


1971/0706:Louis Armstrong 190171、死去

nicknamed Satchmo, Satch or Pops, was an American trumpeter, composer, singer and occasional actor who was one of the most influential figures in jazz.

1972/0706:Brandon De Wilde 194272、死去

Shane の子役

1975/0706:Comoros declares independence from France.




1988/0706:In the North Sea, the Piper Alpha drilling platform  is destroyed by explosions & fires.
167 oil workers are killed, making it the world's worst offshore oil disaster in terms of direct loss of life.

1989/0706:Tel Aviv–Jerusalem bus 405 suicide attack: 14 bus passengers are killed when an Arab assaulted the bus driver as the bus was driving by the edge of a cliff.

1995/0706:In the Bosnian War, under the command of General Ratko Mladić, Serbia begins its attack on the Bosnian town of Srebrenica.


The 70-metre Yevpatoria Planetary Radar sends a METI message (Cosmic Call 2) to five stars: Hip 4872, HD 245409, 55 Cancri (HD 75732), HD 10307 and 47 Ursae Majoris (HD 95128). The messages will arrive to these stars in 2036, 2040, 2044, and 2049, respectively.

2005/0706:Claude Simon 198505、死去

écrivain français, prix Nobel de littérature en 1985

2005/0706:Ed McBain 192605、死去

While successful and well known as Evan Hunter, he was even better known as Ed McBain, a name he used for most of his crime fiction, beginning in 1956.
King's Ransom: An 87th Precinct Mystery

私が彼の名を識ったのは、彼の87分署シリイズのうちの King's Ransom黒澤明『天国と地獄』1963 の原作、といふことであった。

2006/0706:Nathu La pass between India and China, sealed during the Sino-Indian War, re-opens for trade after 44 years.

2009/0706:Robert McNamara 191609、死去

an American business executive and the eighth Secretary of Defense, serving from 1961 to 1968 under Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, during which time he played a major role in escalating the United States involvement in the Vietnam War.

2016/0706:Pokémon GO began precedent service in Australia, New Zealand, USA.

Pokémon GOがオーストラリア、ニュージーランド、アメリカで先行サービス開始。

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