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歴史暦:古今東西 09/22 今日の出來事



0515/0922:Kingdom Burgundians
Le roi burgonde Sigismond fonde l'abbaye de Saint-Maurice d'Agaune.

In 515, the Basilica of St. Maurice of Agaunum became the church of a monastery under the patronage of King Sigismund of Burgundy, the first ruler in his dynasty to convert from Arian Christianity to Trinitarian Christianity.
Die Abtei in einem Modell des Ortes Saint-Maurice

It is situated against a cliff in a section of the road between Geneva and the Simplon Pass (to northern Italy).
It is best known for its connection to the story of the martyrdom of the Theban Legion, its original practice of perpetual psalmody, and a collection of art and antiquity.


The warlord Zhu Quanzhong kills Emperor Zhaozong, the penultimate emperor of the Tang dynasty, after seizing control of the imperial government.


1236/0922:Livonian Crusade「Battle of Saule」
The Lithuanians & Semigallians defeat the Livonian Brothers of the Sword in the Battle of Saule.



1253/0922:『正法眼藏』 道元120053、示寂(死去)


≫ 佛道をならふといふは 自己をならふ也 自己をならふといふは 自己をわするるなり 自己をわするるといふは 萬法に證せらるるなり 萬法に證せらるるといふは 自己の身心および他己の身心をして脱落せしむるなり。

≫ ひとり明窓に坐する たとひ一知半解なくとも 無爲の絶學なり これ行持なるべし。
≫ 行持のいまは自己に去來出入するにあらず いまといふ道は 行持よりさきにあるにはあらず 行持現成するをいまといふ。
≫ 佛祖の大道 かならず無上の行持あり 道環して斷絶せず。


1286/0922:日本渡來の中國禪僧 無學祖元122686、示寂

1286年、圓寂於建長寺,諡號佛光國師。作有《佛光國師語錄》。  Wikipedia zh


≫ 乾坤無地卓孤 (乾坤ココウ[杖]をたつる地)、且喜人空法亦空(シャキすらく[そのとおりだろう]人空法また空)、珍重大元三尺劍、電光影裏斬春風。

≫ 兩頭裁斷すれば一劍天に倚つて寒し。

1499/0922:Swabian War ⇨ Treaty of Basel
Traité de Bâle. Le Saint-Empire romain germanique reconnaît la Confédération suisse et met fin aux guerres de Souabe.

The treaty restored the status quo ante territorially. Eight out of the ten members in the League of the Ten Jurisdictions were confirmed as nominally subject to Habsburg, but their membership in the league and their alliance with the Swiss Confederacy was to remain in place.



1504/0922:イタリア戰爭「Traité de Blois」
 garantissant une alliance matrimoniale pour lutter contre les guerres d'Italie.

an agreement between Louis XII of France and the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximillian I and his son Archduke Philip, the father of the future Emperor Charles V.


1515/0922:ヘンリ八世妃の一人 Anne of Cleves151557、誕生

Queen of England from 6 January to 9 July 1540 as the fourth wife of King Henry VIII



1586/0922:スペインvsイギリスあ&オランダ「Battle of Zutphen」

Spanish victory.

1593/0922:スヰスドイツの版畫出版 Matthäus Merian 159350、誕生

ein schweizerisch-deutscher Kupferstecher und Verleger aus der vornehmen Basler Familie Merian.
Er gab zahlreiche Landkarten, Städteansichten und Chroniken und als sein Hauptwerk die Topographia Germaniae heraus.



1598/0922:English「Ben Jonson」Duel
English playwright Ben Jonson kills actor Gabriel Spenser in a duel and is indicted for manslaughter.


1601/0922:Anne d'Autriche 160166、誕生

en espagnol Ana María Mauricia de Austria y Austria


The last of those convicted of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials are hanged; the remainder of those convicted are all eventually released.


1711/0922:北アメリカインディアン「Tuscarora War」
The Indian tribe of Tuscarora begins a war against European settlers in North Carolina, which will take more than three years.

The Tuscarora War was fought in North Carolina from September 22, 1711 until February 11, 1715 between the British, Dutch, and German settlers and the Tuscarora Native Americans.
The Europeans enlisted the Yamasee and Cherokee as Indian allies against the Tuscarora, who had amassed several allies themselves. This was considered the bloodiest colonial war in North Carolina. Defeated, the Tuscarora signed a treaty with colonial officials in 1718 and settled on a reserved tract of land in what became Bertie County.


Robert Walpole is the first Prime Minister to enter London's 10 Downing Street. He only uses the gift of King George II as an official residence as Lord High Treasurer.


George III & Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz are crowned King & Queen of the Kingdom of Great Britain.


1774/0922:ロウマ教皇 Clemens XIV 170574、他界

1773/0721、小勅書『Dominus ac Redemptor』公布によりイエズス會は解散となった。


1776/0922:アメリカ軍人(間諜) Nathan Hale 175576、絞首刑

an American soldier and spy for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.
He volunteered for an intelligence-gathering mission in New York City but was captured by the British and executed. Hale has long been considered an American hero and, in 1985, he was officially designated the state hero of Connecticut

Nathan Hale 175576 アメリカで最初のスパイ行動を演じ、イギリス軍に捕まり、絞首刑となった。その時「自分にアメリカのために失なふ命がひとつしかないことが悔しいだけだ」と絶叫して、歴史にその名を遺すことになった。
彼は「セイラムの魔女裁判」にかかはった John Hale の曾孫にあたる。

In the Three Saints Bay of Kodiak Island, the merchant and seafarer Grigori Ivanovich Zhelichov founds the first Russian settlement in Alaska.


1789/0922:ロシアvsオスマン「Battle of Rymnik」
 establishes Alexander Suvorov as a pre-eminent Russian military commander after his allied army defeat superior Ottoman Empire forces.


1791/0922:イギリスの科学者 Michael Faraday 179167、誕生

an English scientist who contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. His main discoveries include the principles underlying electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis.

Début de la Première République française et premier jour de la nouvelle « ère des Français », à savoir le tout premier jour du nouveau calendrier républicain qui va entrer en vigueur en octobre 1793.

Primidi Vendémiaire of year one of the French Republican Calendar as the French First Republic comes into being.

1809/0922:幕末の思想家 横井小楠180969、誕生



1828/0922:ズル族の建國英雄 Shaka Zulu 178728、死去

one of the most influential monarchs of the Zulu Kingdom.

Venezuela is independent from Great Colombia.

1850/0922:ドイツの経済地理学者 Johann von Thünen 178376、死去

ein deutscher Agrar- und Wirtschaftswissenschaftler, Sozialreformer und Musterlandwirt.
Er vereinte theoretische Kenntnisse der Mathematik mit praktischen Erfahrungen aus seinem landwirtschaftlichen Musterbetrieb. Er kann zur klassischen Ökonomie gezählt werden, ist aber auch ein früher Autor der Wirtschaftsgeographie.

経済地理学に先駆的な業績を殘し、Fernand Braudel 190285 に「十九世紀の最も偉大な経済学者としてマルクスと並ぶ位置を占める」と評價された。

 A preliminary version of the Emancipation Proclamation is released.

Abraham Lincoln 180965 が奴隷解放宣言第一部を発表。

1866/0922:Paraguayan War「Battle of Curupayty」


Die Uraufführung von Richard Wagners Oper Das Rheingold, der sogenannte „Vorabend“ seiner Tetralogie Der Ring des Nibelungen, findet im Nationaltheater München statt.



L'astronome français Édouard Jean-Marie Stephan découvre un groupe de cinq galaxies dans la constellation Pegasus, le Quintette Stephans nommé d'après lui.


Stephans Quintett (Aufnahme vom Hubble-Weltraumteleskop)


1878/0922:日本の政事家 吉田茂187867、誕生


1878/0922:日本の映画人 牧野省三187829、誕生



1882/0922:ドイツの軍人 Wilhelm Keitel 188246、誕生

ein deutscher Heeresoffizier (ab 1940 Generalfeldmarschall) und von 1938 bis 1945 Chef des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht.
Er gehörte zu den 24 im Nürnberger Prozess gegen die Hauptkriegsverbrecher vor dem Internationalen Militärgerichtshof angeklagten Personen, wurde am 1. Oktober 1946 in allen vier Anklagepunkten schuldig gesprochen, zum Tod durch den Strang verurteilt und mit neun weiteren Verurteilten am 16. Oktober 1946 in Nürnberg hingerichtet.

1885/0922:ドイツの名優 Erich von Stroheim 188557、誕生

 (geboren als Erich Oswald Stroheim war ein US-amerikanischer Regisseur, Schauspieler, Drehbuchautor und Schriftsteller österreichischer Herkunft.


{フランスの Jean Renoir 189479 の名作『Grand Illusion』で彼が演じたドイツ軍人が、まるでカイテル元帥への皮肉のやうに。

The first issue of National Geographic Magazine is published.


1903/0922:マフィアの暴露者 Joseph Valachi 190371、誕生

Joseph Michael "Joe Cargo" Valachi
an American gangster, notable as the first member of the Italian-American Mafia to publicly acknowledge its existence, and credited with popularization of the term Cosa Nostra

Die k.u.k.-Hofzensur verbietet die Aufführung der Oper Salome von Richard Strauss an der Wiener Hofoper.


1907/0922:フランスの思想家 Maurice Blanchot 190703、誕生

un romancier, critique littéraire et philosophe français,
La pensée et l'écriture de Blanchot exercèrent une influence profonde sur tout un pan de la culture française des années cinquante et soixante et sur les représentants de ce qu'on appelle la French Theory.

a French writer, philosopher, and literary theorist. His work had a strong influence on post-structuralist philosophers such as Gilles Deleuze, Michel Foucault, and Jacques Derrida.
Blanchot's work is not a coherent, all-encompassing 'theory', since it is a work founded on paradox and impossibility. The thread running through all his writing is the constant engagement with the 'question of literature', a simultaneous enactment and interrogation of the profoundly strange experience of writing. For Blanchot, 'literature begins at the moment when literature becomes a question' (Literature and the Right to Death)

1908/0922:Bulgaria の獨立
The Bulgarian Declaration of Independence is proclaimed.


1913/0922:日本の名物デカ 平塚八兵衛191379、誕生




Das deutsche U-Boot U 9 unter Kommandant Otto Weddigen versenkt im Ersten Weltkrieg drei britische Panzerkreuzer: die HMS Aboukir, HMS Hogue und HMS Cressy.

German submarine SM U-9 torpedoes and sinks the British cruisers HMS Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy on the Broad Fourteens off the Dutch coast with the loss of over 1,400 men.

1918/0922:ヴァイオリニスト Henryk Szeryng 191888、誕生

a Polish-Mexican violinist.

The steel strike of 1919, led by the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers, begins in Pennsylvania before spreading across the United States.


1927/0922:Boxing「Jack Dempsey」
 loses the "Long Count" boxing match to Gene Tunney.


An explosion takes place at Gresford Colliery in Wales, leading to the deaths of 266 miners and rescuers.


1937/0922:スペイン内亂「Battle of El Mazuco」
 Peña Blanca is taken, ending the Battle of El Mazuco.


1939/0922:ドイツの軍人 Werner von Fritsch 188039、戰死

ein deutscher Offizier, zuletzt Generaloberst sowie von 1936 bis zu seinem Sturz 1938 Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres.

{上述の(恥辱的な裁判と判決に晒された)Keitel は戰場で死ぬことができた Fritsch が羨ましかっただらう。しかし、Hitler に氣に入られた Keitel はどう嘆願しても前線の指揮官にはしてもらへなかった。が、實際に前線にやられたら、彼は Fritsch のやうに死ねたかどうか、疑はしくはあるが。

Joint victory parade of Wehrmacht and Red Army in Brest-Litovsk at the end of the Invasion of Poland.


1940/0922:ゴダアルのヒロイン女優 Anna Karina 1940--、誕生

(Hanne Karin Bayer, dite),
une actrice, chanteuse et écrivaine française, danoise d'origine. Elle est principalement connue pour ses rôles dans les films de Jean-Luc Godard entre 1960 et 1967.

On Jewish New Year Day, the German SS murder 6,000 Jews in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Those are the survivors of the previous killings that took place a few days earlier in which about 24,000 Jews were executed.


The United States announces the initial US policy towards Japan (youngest policy towards Japan) after surrender, regulating occupation by the United States alone.




A case where a driver who worked at Nihon University robbed the staff salary.

At the time of arrest, the boy of the criminal cried to the lover "Oh, mistake".

1955/0922:Cold War
 Ministerpräsident Konrad Adenauer in Westdeutschland kündigte seine Außenpolitik "Halstein-Prinzip" an.


1956/0922:イギリスの放射能化学者 Frederick Soddy 187756、死去

an English radiochemist who explained, with Ernest Rutherford, that radioactivity is due to the transmutation of elements, now known to involve nuclear reactions. He also proved the existence of isotopes of certain radioactive elements.

1960/0922:精神分析家 Melanie Klein 188260、死去

eine österreichisch-britische Psychoanalytikerin.
Sie war eine der Pionierinnen der Kinderpsychoanalyse sowie der Objektbeziehungstheorie.

乳幼児期に「良い乳房」と「悪い乳房」の未統合によって精神的な問題が起こるとした。後期フロイト死の欲動概念に注目した独自の方向性でクライン学派を作り出し、フロイト以後の精神分析に大きな影響を与えた。児童分析には両親の参加は必要ないと主張して、フロイトの末娘 Anna Freud 189582 と論争をおこなった

The Sudanese Republic is renamed Mali after the withdrawal of Senegal from the Mali Federation.

8月にマリ連邦からセネガルが離脱したのに伴い、スーダン共和国(旧 フランス領スーダン)がマリ共和国に改称。

1961/0922:USA、Kennedy「Peace Corp」創立
On the orders of J.F.Kennedy the Peace Corps is founded in the USA.


1965/0922:India vs Pakistan「第二次カシミル戰爭」
The Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, ends after the UN calls for a ceasefire.


1968/0922:Egypt「Abu Simbel」
The transfer of the two temples of Abu Simbel is completed. The buildings are saved from sinking in the waters of the Nassersee lake.



Sara Jane Moore tries to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford, but is foiled by Secret Service agent Oliver Sipple.


1979/0922:Nuclear bright flash ?
 resembling the detonation of a nuclear weapon, is observed near the Prince Edward Islands. Its cause is never determined.


1980/0922:Iraq invades Iran.

With the invasion of Iraq under Saddam Hussein in Iran, under Ayatollah Khomeini, broken by the Islamic Revolution, the First Gulf War, which will last almost eight years, is estimated to be between 367,000 and 1,000,000 days after Hussein's annulment of the Algiers agreement concluded in 1975 And drives both countries to the brink of ruin.

1982/0922:日本の男優 佐分利信190982、死去





 is reached at G5 for correcting the dollar high. The yen soared at the exchange rate.


Guardamar del Segura is home to debris from the Iberian era Dama de Guardamar. The parts are then made into a bust.

In Guardamar del Segura werden Trümmer der aus iberischer Zeit stammenden Dama de Guardamar gefunden. Die Teile werden in der Folge zur Büste zusammengesetzt.




The Dead Sea Scrolls are made available to the public for the first time by the Huntington Library.


1995/0922:Tamil「Nagerkovil school bombing」
 is carried out by the Sri Lanka Air Force in which at least 34 die, most of them ethnic Tamil schoolchildren.


1997/0922:日本の敗殘帰還兵士 横井庄一191597、死去



ロックバンド「X JAPAN」解散を表明。


2000/0922:日本のエイスパイロット 坂井三郎191600、死去

佐賀県の農家の三男として誕生。日本の海軍中尉。太平洋戰爭時の Ace Pilot、戰後は實業家。


At least 75 people are killed in a suicide bombing at a Christian church in Peshawar, Pakistan.


2007/0922:パントマイム Marcel Marceau 192307、死去

(Marcel Mangel, dit), comédien et mime français, membre de l'Académie des beaux-arts


à Pékin, l’homme politique Bo Xilai est condamné à la prison à perpétuité dans le cadre d’une affaire de corruption.


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