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歴史暦:古今東西 02/09 今日の出來事

0249/0209:Apolline d'Alexandrie ??0249、殉教死

Sainte et martyre chrétienne.

彼女の悲慘な殉教は、中世ヨウロパで聖書についでよく讀まれたといふ。十三世紀に書かれた『黄金傳説』=1267`Legenda aurea`ou`Legenda sanctorum` Jacobus de Voragine 123098 で世俗に擴がり識られるやうになった。

Zeno is crowned as co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire.

Zeno the Isaurian 042591, originally named Tarasis Kodisa Rousombladadiotes, was Eastern Roman or Byzantine Emperor from 474 to 475 and again from 476 to 491.
Domestic revolts and religious dissension plagued his reign, which nevertheless succeeded to some extent in foreign issues. His reign saw the end of the Western Roman Empire under Romulus Augustus, but he contributed much to stabilising the eastern Empire.

 in Constantinople and throughout Thrace

0967/0209(康保03/1227):日本[平安朝] 小野道風089466、死去

Ono no Michikaze ou Tōfū est un important shoka 書家 (calligraphe japonais) de l'époque de Heian (0794~85).
Il est un des trois sanseki 三跡 « trois touches de pinceau », avec Fujiwara no Sukemasa 藤原佐理094498 et Fujiwara no Yukinari 藤原行成097228. Ono est considéré comme le fondateur du style de calligraphie japonaise, appelé wayōshodō (和様書道).



1199/0209(正治01/0113):鎌倉將軍 源頼朝114799、卒去

Minamoto no Yoritomo was the founder and the first shōgun of the Kamakura Shogunate of Japan. He ruled from 1192 until 1199


The troops of the Southern Song Dynasty of Mengtiao and the Great Mongol armies of Thachachia collapsed through Cazenland, leaving Kim Jinzong to death and the death of King Kim and the demise of the Jin Dynasty.

1450/0209:フランスの寵姫 Agnès Sorel 142250、死去(暗殺?)

Agnès Sorel est une demoiselle d'honneur d'Isabelle Ire de Lorraine, épouse du duc René d'Anjou.
Elle devient en 1443 la favorite du roi de France Charles VII, à qui elle donne trois filles qui seront officiellement légitimées en tant que princesses de France et mariées à de grands seigneurs de la cour.
Elle est morte avant l'âge de vingt-huit ans, après avoir donné naissance à une quatrième fille qui n'a pas survécu.

Portrait d'Agnès Sorel d'après Jean Fouquet,

1534/0209:The Anabaptist Empire
 is established in Münster by Baptists under Jan Matthys in collaboration with Jan van Leiden.


Kōsa (光佐), also known as Hongan-ji Kennyo (本願寺 顕如), was the 11th head of the Hongan-ji in Kyoto, and Chief Abbot of Ishiyama Hongan-ji 石山本願寺, cathedral fortress of the Ikkō-ikki 一向一揆 (Buddhist warrior monks and peasants who opposed samurai rule), during its siege at the end of the Sengoku period 戰國時代.
He engineered many alliances, and organized the defenses of the cathedral to the point that most at the time considered Ishiyama Hongan-ji to be unbreachable.

He regarded Oda Nobunaga 織田信長153482 as a "Buddhist enemy 佛敵" aimed at unification of the God and Buddha, and calling for a believer in Honjin to overthrew Nobunaga and challenged the decisive battle. With opponent Oda Army overwhelmingly advantageous both militarily and economically, he built a network of Nobunaga around the scheme and fought a fierce battle for over 10 years


Bishop of Gloucester John Hooper is burned at the stake.

イングランドのグロウチェスタの司教、Hooper、異端により火刑に處せられる。時、あたかも(昨日記したところの)Mary Stuart (Queen of Scots) 154287 の時代の頃。Bloody Mary の仕業か?

John Hooper 149555 an English churchman, Anglican Bishop of Gloucester and Worcester. A proponent of the English Reformation, he was executed for heresy by burning during the reign of Queen Mary I.




Giordano Bruno viene condannato, a Roma, dalla Santa Inquisizione ad essere arso vivo, il 17 febbraio successivo.

Giordano Bruno est condamné, à Rome, par la sainte Inquisition à être brûlé vif, le 17 février suivant.

Exécution du philosophe libertin Giulio Cesare Vanini.

Lucilio Vanini 158519, dit Giulio Cesare Vanini, est un philosophe et naturaliste italien, proche du courant libertin.

Gregory XV becomes Pope, the last Pope elected by acclamation.

1631/0209:フランスで『La Gazette』創刊
Théophraste Renaudot sort le 1er numéro de La Gazette

The Capture of Fort Rocher takes place during the Anglo-Spanish War.

1775/0209:American Revolutionary War:
The British Parliament declares Massachusetts in rebellion.

The British government declares its North American colony Massachusetts a renegade province. The American Revolutionary War is coming up.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart schreibt sein 14. Klavierkonzert in Es-Dur das KV 449.

The Habsburg Empire joins the Russo-Turkish War in the Russian camp.

Австрия присоединяется к России в седьмой русско-турецкой войне.

Signature du traité de Lunéville.

The Peace of Lunéville between France and Austria ends the war of the second coalition. France receives the left bank territories claimed by him. Austria must also recognize three French subsidiary republics, the Batavian, the Helvetic and the Ligurian republics.



1824/0209:キリスト教の幻視家 Anna Katharina Emmerick 177424、死去

Nonne (im Augustinerorden) und Mystikerin. 2004 wurde sie von Papst Johannes Paul II. seliggesprochen. Ihr Gedenktag ist der 9. Februar.
She visualized and recorded the state of the Holy Family such as the Passion of Jesus and the later years of Our Lady of Mary, the state of the church in the last days. The last moment of Jesus she visited was filmed by Mel Gibson in 2004 ("Passion").

彼女の居室。さう思ってみれば、神祕の影が …… 

After no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes in the US presidential election of 1824, the United States House of Representatives elects John Quincy Adams as President of the United States.

The US House of Representatives - after none of the candidates in the presidential election has achieved an absolute majority of electoral votes - surprisingly elects John Quincy Adams president rather than Andrew Jackson, who originally had more votes.

{噛み碎くのは面倒なので、アメリカ大統領選擧の史實に興味と關心のおありのかたは、`United States presidential election, 1824

1829/0209(文政12/0106):日本の戯作者 假名垣魯文182994、誕生

Knagaki Robun」江戸末期から明治初頭にかけての戯作者、新聞記者。

John Balleny, the captain of a British whaler, discovers Sturge Island, the first island of the Balleny Islands named after him, in the Southern Ocean. 

Giuseppe Mazzini proclama la Repubblica Romana.

In the Papal States, Giuseppe Mazzini proclaims the Roman Republic as part of the Risorgimento. This immediately leads to the intervention of French and Spanish troops, who forcibly repulse the Republic until July 3.

1859/0209(安政06/0107):日本の騎兵隊長 秋山好古185930、誕生

Akiyama Yoshifuru was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army, and is considered the father of modern Japanese cavalry. He was Vice Admiral Akiyama Saneyuki's older brother.





{新見正興182269のその後。明治維新となった後、その娘三人の數奇な運命(時代の變遷、天變による悲劇なんだが、 …… 。


1861/0209:American Civil War:
 Jefferson Davis is elected the Provisional President of the Confederate States of America by the Confederate convention at Montgomery, Alabama.

Jefferson Davis 18088 アメリカ連合國の暫定大統領に指名

1867/0209(慶應03/0105):日本の小説家 夏目漱石186716、誕生

Natsume Sōseki (夏目漱石, born Natsume Kinnosuke (夏目金之助), was a Japanese novelist.
And he was also a scholar of British literature and composer of haiku, kanshi, and fairy tales.
In Japan, he is often considered the greatest writer in modern Japanese history. He has had a profound effect on almost all important Japanese writers since.

US president Ulysses S. Grant signs a joint resolution of Congress establishing the U.S. Weather Bureau.

1874/0209:フランスの歴史家 Jules Michelet 179874、死去

un historien français.
Libéral et anticlérical, il est considéré comme étant l'un des grands historiens du XIXe siècle bien qu'aujourd'hui controversé, notamment pour avoir donné naissance à travers ses ouvrages historiques à une grande partie du « roman national » remis en cause par le développement historiographique de la fin du XXe siècle1. Il a également écrit différents essais et ouvrages de mœurs dont certains lui valent des ennuis avec l'Église et le pouvoir politique. Parmi ses œuvres les plus célèbres de l'époque, Histoire de France, qui sera suivie d'Histoire de la Révolution.


1874/0209:ロシアの演劇人 Vsevolod Meyerhold 187440、誕生

(Всеволод Эмильевич Мейерхольд) (Karl Kasimir Theodor Meiergold, dit),

He is a director and actor in Russia. In Russia before and after the revolution, he developed a theatrical innovation movement that could be called a challenging one, and was one of the best contributors to contemporary theater.
He was a victim of Stalin's Great Purge.


1881/0209:ロシアの大小説家 Fiodor Dostoïevski 182181、死去

Фёдор Михайлович Достоевский: русский писатель, мыслитель, философ и публицист. Член-корреспондент Петербургской АН с 1877 года
Un écrivain russe. Considéré comme l'un des plus grands romanciers russes, il a influencé de nombreux écrivains et philosophes.

Écrivain admiré après la publication de Crime et Châtiment (1866) et de L'Idiot (1869), l'auteur publie ses œuvres les plus abouties, Les Démons (1871) et Les Frères Karamazov (1880).

1885/0209:ドイツの作曲家 ALban Berg 188535、誕生

ein österreichischer Komponist der Zweiten Wiener Schule.

In 1935 he interrupted composition of the opera "Lulu" on the death of Manon Gropius and wrote the "Violin Concerto" with an exceptional stroke as his. However, just before its completion, insect bites caused the tumor, which worsened, he underwent surgery and also suffered from sepsis, closed the 50 - year lifetime.

1887/0209:日本の日本畫家 土田麦僊188736、誕生

Tsuchida Bakusen est le nom d'artiste d'un peintre Japonais de l'école nihonga.
Il est actif au cours des ères Taishō et début Shōwa.


US president Grover Cleveland signs a bill elevating the United States Department of Agriculture to a Cabinet-level agency.

Création de Falstaff de Giuseppe Verdi.

William Morgan creates a game called Mintonette, which soon comes to be referred to as volleyball.

{このバレボウルもバスケットボウル同樣、長身に有利なゲイムとなってゐる。これも私がバスケットボウルにたいしておこなった變更を適用すべきだと主張したい。つまり、その変更点とは、 …… 

1900/0209:テニスの「Davis Cup」competition is established.
The American tennis player Dwight Filley Davis donates the named after him Tennis Davis Cup.

1901/0209:ドイツの化學者 Max von Pettenkofer 181801、死去

ein bayerischer Chemiker und gilt als erster Hygieniker Deutschlands.

また、病気の発生理論についての見解の相違から、Robert Koch 184310らと論争、コレラの病因論争ではコレラ菌を呑んでみせた。また、

Russo-Japanese War: Battle of Port Arthur concludes.

In London, 3,000 British suffragettes demonstrate the imposition of women's suffrage, led by Lady Frances Balfour and Lady Millicent Garrett Fawcett.

Accord franco-allemand sur le Maroc.

1910/0209:フランス生物學者 Jacques Monod 191076、誕生

Jacques Lucien Monod est un biologiste et biochimiste français de l'Institut Pasteur de Paris, lauréat en 1965 du prix Nobel de physiologie ou médecine.
1931。パリ大學で動物学を専攻して卒業、その後、原生動物やショウジョウバエの遺伝学的研究に從事。さらに André Michel Lwoff 190294(後にNobelPrize共同受賞)の指導のもとに大腸菌代謝調節を研究。WWⅡ中にはレジスタンス運動に参加した。
1959、パリ大学に招聘され、1967、Collage de France に移り、1971年にはパスツウル研究所所長に任命された。

彼は科学哲学にも関心が深く、特に『偶然と必然(Le Hasard et la Nécessité)』1970 では、現代生物学による自得の世界観を示し、当時の思想界に賛否両論をまき起こした。

1912/0209:日本の横綱 双葉山定次191268、誕生

Futabayama Sadaji (双葉山 定次), born as Akiyoshi Sadaji (龝吉 定次) in Oita Prefecture, Japan, was the 35th yokozuna in sumo wrestling, from 1937 until 1945.
He won twelve yūshō 優勝 or top division championships and had a winning streak of 69 consecutive bouts, an all-time record. Despite his dominance he was extremely popular with the public.

A group of meteors is visible across much of the eastern seaboard of North and South America, leading astronomers to conclude the source had been a small, short-lived natural satellite of the Earth.

1916/0209:日本の教育家 加藤弘之183616、死去


The Central Powers conclude a separate peace treaty ("Brotfrieden") with the Ukraine to end the war in the East.

Under the terms of the Svalbard Treaty, international diplomacy recognizes Norwegian sovereignty over Arctic archipelago Svalbard, and designates it as demilitarized.

Première projection houleuse du film de Germaine Dulac La Coquille et le clergyman (scénario de Germaine Dulac et d'Antonin Artaud, également acteur dans le film) au studio des Ursulines à Paris.

In Budapest findet die Uraufführung der komischen Oper Der Tenor von Ernst von Dohnányi statt.

1932/0209:日本の前蔵相 井上準之助186932、暗殺


Inoue Junnosuke was a Japanese businessman and central banker.
He was the 9th and 11th Governor of the Bank of Japan (BOJ).
In 1932, Inoue was one of two prominent Japanese assassinated in the League of Blood Incident.


Signature du Pacte balkanique.

In Athens, Turkey, Greece, Romania and Yugoslavia are closing the Balkan Pact, a military alliance against Bulgarian supremacy on the Balkan Peninsula.


The racing driver Rudolf Caracciola sets a speed record for 3000 cubic centimeter cars on the Dessau race track of the A 9 at 398.234 km/h.

 The Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Genoa, Italy is struck by a bomb which fails to detonate.

1942/0209:USAシンガソングライタ Carole King 1942--、誕生

an American composer and singer-songwriter.
She is the most successful female songwriter of the latter half of the 20th century in the USA, having written or co-written 118 pop hits on the Billboard Hot 100 between 1955 and 1999.

 Top United States military leaders hold their first formal meeting to discuss American military strategy in the war.

 Allied authorities declare Guadalcanal secure after Imperial Japan evacuates its remaining forces from the island, ending the Battle of Guadalcanal.

After the lost Battle of Guadalcanal in the Pacific War, the Japanese withdraw their last troops from the Pacific Island, which is subsequently expanded to an Allied base.

1945/0209:WWⅡ Battle of the Atlantic:
 HMS Venturer sinks U-864 off the coast of Fedje, Norway, in a rare instance of submarine-to-submarine combat.

 A force of Allied aircraft unsuccessfully attacked a German destroyer in Førdefjorden, Norway.

Second Red Scare: US Senator Joseph McCarthy accuses the United States Department of State of being filled with Communists.


# マッカシの横顔が全国的に知られるようになったのは1950年2月9日、ウェストバージニア州のホイーリングでの共和党女性クラブでの演説の後だった。この時、彼が文書を示し「国務省で働いている著名な共産主義者のリストを持っている」と主張した。

{トランプがアメリカの大統領になった時、私はうっすらと「赤狩」のマッカーシズムの旋風を、アメリカ人に吹き荒らさせたJoseph McCarthy 190857 のことを想起してゐた。そして、この想起は、アメリカの抱へる深い闇のやうなことをつづけて思はせた。アメリカ人の狂氣、アメリカ人といふ狂氣、 …… 。そこには、Herman Melville 181991 の『白鯨』の主人公、エイハブ船長のことが重なってくる。 アメリカといふ大地(ゲニウスロキ)とでも云った「大きな力」が時々、アメリカ人を突き動かしては狂氣を演じさせる。
{だが、アメリカだけに限らない。あらゆる國家が、民族がそれぞれの大地の、云はば Genius loci に突き動かされてきた。それが人間が愚かにも同じ事を同じやうに繰り返すことの原因ではなかったのだらうか。 アメリカは「フロンティアスピリット」に支配され、チャイナはどこまでもその「中華思想」を捨てきれない。ロシアはまさに「母なる大地」のおもひに支配され。日本も神武天皇の「神國」觀念を忘れられない。フランスはナポレオンの。ドイツもまた、ナチスヒトラのゲルマン精神から拔けだすことは容易ではないだらう(ナチスヒトラを熱狂的に支持したドイツ人は、ドイツといふ Schwarzwald=黒い森の genius loci に冒されたゐたといふしかない)。次に現れてくるヒトラはチョビ髭を生やした貧相な男とは限るない。 ……

1951/0209:Korean War: Geochang massacre


After Nikolai Alexandrovich Bulganin's ascent to the Soviet head of government, Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov, 1945/46 representative of the Soviet Union in the Allied Control Council and leader of the SMAD, new Minister of Defense.


Chinese Character Reform Commission Announces "Hanyu Pinyin Scheme Draft".

The R-7 Semyorka, the first intercontinental ballistic missile, becomes operational at Plesetsk, USSR.

1960/0209:ハンガリの作曲家 Ernst von Dohnányi 187760、死去

Dohnányi Ernő
a Hungarian composer, pianist and conductor. He used a German form of his name, Ernst von Dohnányi, on most of his published compositions. The "von" implies nobility, and, according to the biography by his third wife, his family was ennobled in 1697 and given a family crest, which she describes in some detail.

At the music school, he was alumni with Béla Bartók 188145, but he kept faithful to the tradition of 19th century romantic music, drawing the flow of Brahms.

Assassination of Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Karim Qasim.

The Beatles make their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, performing before a "record-busting" audience of 73 million viewers across the USA.

The Beatles made their first appearance on US television. With five songs (All My Loving, Till There What You, She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There and I Want To Hold Your Hand) in the Ed Sullivan show, they are known to millions of audiences.

The United States Marine Corps sends a MIM-23 Hawk missile battalion to South Vietnam, the first American troops in-country without an official advisory or training mission.

The Indonesian National Assembly resolved the dismissal of President Sukarno.


the Boeing 747, nicknamed Jumbo Jet, makes its first flight in the United States.

The 6.5–6.7 Mw Sylmar earthquake hits the Greater Los Angeles Area with a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI (Extreme), killing 64 and injuring 2,000.

1971/0209:USA「Apollo program」
 Apollo 14 returns to Earth after the third manned Moon landing.

Establishment of diplomatic relations between France and the GDR.

The Soyuz 17 Soviet spacecraft returns to Earth.

1979/0209:ホログラフィ發明 Gábor Dénes 190079、死去

a Hungarian-British electrical engineer and physicist, most notable for inventing holography, for which he later received the 1971 Nobel Prize in Physics.



1984/0209:ソ連の政事家 Iouri Andropov 191484、死去

a Soviet politician and the fourth General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Following the 18-year rule of the late Leonid Brezhnev, Andropov served in the post for only 15 months, from November 1982 until his own death in February 1984.

Halley's Comet last appeared in the inner Solar System.


Publication of the report on Kurt Waldheim's activities during the Second World War.

1989/0209:世界の漫画家 手塚治虫192889、死去

Tezuka Osamu est un mangaka, animateur, character designer, producteur, scénariste d'anime, travaillant sous le pseudonyme homophone 治虫, dont la lecture osamu mushi rappelle le nom japonais d'un insecte : osamushi (筬虫).



The Provisional Irish Republican Army declares the end to its 18-month ceasefire and explodes a large bomb in London's Canary Wharf, killing two people.

Copernicium is synthesized for the first time.

Off the coast of Hawaii, a sailing vessel "Ehime Maru" collided with the nuclear submarine `Greenville` of the US Navy and sank. Nine people are missing



2007/0209:イギリス俳優 Ian Richardson 193407、死去

a Scottish actor of film, stage and television.
He portrayed the Machiavellian Tory politician Francis Urquhart in the BBC's House of Cards (1990–1995) television trilogy. Richardson was also a leading Shakespearean stage actor.

He was The Herald in Peter Brook's production of Marat/Sade in London in 1964; in the New York City transfer he took the lead role of Jean-Paul Marat (and so became the first actor to appear nude on the Broadway stage), a performance he repeated for the 1967 film Marat/Sade.

Two passenger trains collided in the German town of Bad Aibling in the state of Bavaria. Twelve people died, and 85 others were injured.


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