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-015/0524:Germanicus Julius Caesar -01519、誕生

a member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty and a prominent general of the Roman Empire, who was known for his campaigns in Germania. The son of Nero Claudius Drusus and Antonia Minor, Germanicus was born into an influential branch of the patrician gens Claudia.
The agnomen Germanicus was added to his full name in 9 BC when it was posthumously awarded to his father in honor of his victories in Germania.
In AD 4, he was adopted by his paternal uncle, Tiberius, who succeeded Augustus as Roman emperor a decade later. As a result, Germanicus became an official member of the gens Julia, another prominent family which he was related to on his mother's side.
His connection to the Julii was further consolidated through a marriage between himself and Agrippina the Elder, a granddaughter of Augustus. He was also the nephew of Tiberius, the father of Caligula, and the maternal grandfather of Nero.


0571/0524:日本 029天皇 欽明050971、崩御

Emperor Kinmei (欽明天皇 Kinmei-tennō) was the 29th emperor of Japan
His reign is said to have spanned the years from 539 through 571.
Kinmei is the first Japanese emperor for whom contemporary historiography is able to assign verifiable dates.
Kinmei's contemporary title would not have been tennō, as most historians believe this title was not introduced until the reigns of Emperor Tenmu and Empress Jitō. Rather, it was presumably Sumeramikoto or Amenoshita Shiroshimesu Ōkimi (治天下大王), meaning "the great king who rules all under heaven." Alternatively, Kinmei might have been referred to as (ヤマト大王/大君) or the "Great King of Yamato".


The nobles of Franconia and Saxony elect Henry the Fowler at the Imperial Diet in Fritzlar as king of the East Frankish Kingdom.


1213/0524:日本[鎌倉] 御家人 和田義盛114713、敗死

Wada Yoshimori was an early Kamakura period military commander.
A gokenin 御家人 of the Kamakura 鎌倉 shogunate, he was the first director (bettō 別當) of the Samurai-dokoro 侍所.

Like many others, he and his family became victims of the struggle for power that followed the death of the first Kamakura shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo. Tension had been growing between the Hōjō Regents 北条執權 and Wada 和田, and open war started when Wada Yoshinao, Wada Yoshishige and Wada Tanenaga were accused of conspiracy and arrested. Yoshimori, who was in Kazusa 上總, returned to Kamakura and managed to free his two sons. Tanenaga was however detained and exiled to Mutsu province. War ensued (the so-called Wada Gassen 和田合戦) and in 1213 he was defeated and killed together with his family.

Magnus Ladulås is crowned King of Sweden in Uppsala Cathedral.


1487/0524:ダブリンで十歳の王子、Edward VII として卽位
The ten-year-old Lambert Simnel is crowned in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland, with the name of Edward VI in a bid to threaten King Henry VII's reign.



1543/0524:地動説の Nicolaus Copernicus 147343、死去

ein Domherr des Fürstbistums Ermland in Preußen sowie Astronom und Arzt, der sich auch der Mathematik und Kartographie widmete.
In seinem Hauptwerk De revolutionibus orbium coelestium beschreibt er ein heliozentrisches Weltbild, nach dem die Erde ein Planet sei, sich um ihre eigene Achse drehe und sich zudem wie die anderen Planeten um die Sonne bewege. Darüber hinaus deutet er darin erstmals die langsame Verschiebung des Frühlingspunktes als Richtungsänderung der Erdachse.

Seite aus Kopernikus’ Manuskript von De revolutionibus orbium coelestium


1544/0524:イギリス 自然科學者 William Gilbert 154403、誕生

an English physician, physicist and natural philosopher. He passionately rejected both the prevailing Aristotelian philosophy and the Scholastic method of university teaching.
He is remembered today largely for his book De Magnete (1600), and is credited as one of the originators of the term "electricity".
He is regarded by some as the father of electrical engineering or electricity and magnetism.

彼はコペルニクスの地動説を早くから支持し、当時支配的だったアリストテレス哲学とそれに基づく学校教育を積極的に拒絶した。医師としての仕事のかたわら静電気、磁石の研究をおこなった。今日、主に著書 De Magnete (1600) で知られており、electricity を造語した一人。


The Ottomans under Lala Kara Mustafa Pasha and Piale Pasha begin the siege of Malta with the bombardment of Fort St. Elmo, which will last until June 23rd.


1570/0524(元龜01/0420):日本[戰國時代] 信長、朝倉征伐に進發


In the Russian Crimean War, Crimean Tatars under Devlet I Giray reach Moscow,  plunder and set the suburbs on fire. The city burns almost completely until 0526 . It was only in the battle of Molodi, more than a year later, that the Russians, under Ivan the Terrible, could defeat the Tatars.


Francis Drake starts his second big cape cruise in the Caribbean. This time he has two ships, the Swan with 25 tons and the Pasco with 70 tons. A total of 73 people are on board both ships, including two of his brothers, John and Joseph.




100 English settlers disembark in Jamestown, the first English colony in America.




1621/0524:Protestant Union、正式に解散
The Protestant Union is formally dissolved.


Peter Minuit buys Manhattan.



The French Royal Army crosses the border into the Spanish Netherlands, starting the War of Devolution opposing France to the Spanish Empire and the Triple Alliance.

Le construit selon les plans de l'ingénieur Pierre-Paul Riquet Canal du Midi sera inauguré en France du Sud. Il relie Toulouse à la Méditerranée. Au plus grand chantier de construction en Europe au 17e siècle après que seul le travail de finition mineure à faire.





Zhu Zhiyu, whose courtesy name was Luyu (魯璵) in China and Shunshui (舜水) in Japan, was one of the greatest scholars of Confucianism in the Ming Dynasty and the Edo Japan. Zhu remains the best remembered of the Ming political refugees in Tokugawa Japan and the one who contributed most to Japanese education and intellectual history.


1686/0524:Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit 168636、誕生

ein deutscher Physiker und Erfinder von Messinstrumenten. Nach ihm wurde die Temperatureinheit Grad Fahrenheit (°F) benannt.

The English Parliament passes the Act of Toleration protecting Protestants; Roman Catholics are excluded.


1725/0524:ロンドンで、惡漢 Jonathan Wilde 、公開處刑
In London, the thief and extortioner Jonathan Wild was hanged on the gibbet of Tyburn. He had for a long time led a double.


1738/0524:John Wesley is converted, 

essentially launching the Methodist movement; the day is celebrated annually by Methodists as Aldersgate Day and a church service is generally held on the preceding Sunday.

1741/0524:日本[江戸]大奧女中 繪島168141、死去



1743 /0524:Jean-Paul Marat 174393、誕生

un médecin, physicien, journaliste et homme politique français.
Il est député montagnard à la Convention à l’époque de la Révolution.
Son assassinat par Charlotte Corday permet aux hébertistes d'en faire un martyr de la Révolution et d'installer pendant quelques mois ses restes au Panthéon.


1798/0524:「Irish Rebellion of 1798」 bigins

The Irish rebellion of the Society of United Irishmen under Theobald Wolfe Tone begins against the English domination with the attempt to get Dublin under their control at night.

1813/0524:南アメリカ、Simón Bolívar、El Libertador となる
South American independence leader Simón Bolívar enters Mérida, leading the invasion of Venezuela, and is proclaimed El Libertador ("The Liberator").


1819/0524:Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom 181901、誕生

Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 until her death. On 1 May 1876, she adopted the additional title of Empress of India.
          Self-portrait, 1835




1821/0524(文政04/0423):日本[江戸] 相馬大作事件、發生

かなり奇妙な事件 ―― 





1822/0524:Battle of Pichincha:
Antonio José de Sucre secures the independence of the Presidency of Quito.


Sarah Josepha's "Mary Had a Little Lamb" 出版



Samuel Morse sends the message "What hath God wrought" (a biblical quotation, Numbers 23:23) from the Old Supreme Court Chamber in the United States Capitol to his assistant, Alfred Vail, in Baltimore, Maryland, to inaugurate the first telegraph line.


John Brown & his men kill five slavery supporters at Pottawatomie Creek, Kansas.


1861/0524:American Civil War:
Union troops occupy Alexandria, Virginia.


1879/0524:奴隷開放論者 William Lloyd Garrison 180579、死去

a prominent American abolitionist, journalist, suffragist, and social reformer. He is best known as the editor of the abolitionist newspaper The Liberator, which he founded with Isaac Knapp in 1831 and published in Massachusetts until slavery was abolished by Constitutional amendment after the American Civil War.

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City is opened to traffic after 14 years of construction.



Der Deutsche Reichstag beschließt das Gesetz zur Alters- und Invaliditätsversicherung, die Basis für die heutige Gesetzliche Rentenversicherung. Reichskanzler Otto von Bismarck versucht damit, die durch die Industrialisierung entstandene Not in der Arbeiterschaft zu lindern, gleichzeitig aber auch als Teil seiner Zuckerbrot-und-Peitsche-Politik der Sozialdemokratie die Basis in der Arbeiterschaft zu entziehen.


1891/0524:William Foxwell Albright 189171、誕生

an American archaeologist, biblical scholar, philologist, and expert on ceramics.


1899/0524:フランス 作家 Henri Michaux 189984、誕生

un écrivain, poète et peintre d'origine belge d'expression française naturalisé français en 1955.


1899/0524:フランス テニスSuzanne Lenglen 189938、誕生

「シュザンヌ ランラン」Suzanne Rachel Flore Lenglen est une joueuse de tennis française. Surnommée « la Divine », elle fut la première star internationale du tennis féminin.
Elle possède des records d'un autre temps : 241 titres, une série de 181 victoires, et un pourcentage de 98% de matches gagnés (341-7). Elle s'impose six fois aux Internationaux de France, six fois à Wimbledon, et remporte la médaille d'or olympique du simple dames aux Jeux d'Anvers 1920. Le deuxième court principal du stade Roland Garros porte son nom.


1900/0524:Second Boer War:
The United Kingdom annexes the Orange Free State.





1905/0524:Mikhail Sholokhov 190584、誕生

русский советский писатель и киносценарист, журналист. Лауреат Нобелевской премии по литературе (1965 год — «за художественную силу и цельность эпоса о донском казачестве в переломное для России время»), Сталинской премии (1941), Ленинской премии (1960). Действительный член АН СССР (1939). Дважды Герой Социалистического Труда (1967, 1980). Полковник (1943).
a Soviet/Russian novelist and winner of the 1965 Nobel Prize in Literature. He is known for writing about life and fate of Don Cossacks during the Russian Revolution, the civil war and the period of collectivization, primarily the famous And Quiet Flows the Don.

1907/0524:日本 スパイ 川島芳子190748、誕生

Kawashima Yoshiko was a Chinese princess of Manchu descent.
She was raised in Japan and served as a spy for the Japanese Kwantung Army and puppet state of Manchukuo during the Second Sino-Japanese War.
She is sometimes known in fiction under the pseudonym "Eastern Mata Hari".
After the war, she was captured, tried and executed as a traitor by the Nationalist government of the Republic of China. She was also a notable descendant of Hooge, eldest son of Huangtaiji.


Duke Château de Barbe-Bleue, l'unique opéra de Bela Bartok, est première à Budapest au Royal Opera House. Le livret de Béla Balázs est basé sur le conte de fées Barbe-Bleue.



Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti opens.





Die Düsseldorfer Polizei kann den später als „Vampir von Düsseldorf“ bekannten mutmaßlichen Serienmörder Peter Kürten festnehmen und damit eine monatelange Serie von Morden sexueller Natur in ihrem Gebiet aufklären.

Dem 24. Mai 1930, wurde Kürten bei dem geplanten Treffen am Rochusmarkt verhaftet.

Peter Kürten 188332:1929/01~12、ドイツデュッセルドルフで強姦暴行殺人を繰り返した。

{まるで偶然、BlueBeard と Peter Kürten とが重なった。キュルテンは青髯だった、これで新たなキュルテン解釋が可能になった。

1932/0524:イギリス 劇作家 Arnold Wesker 193216、誕生

a widely known English dramatist. He was the author of 50 plays, four volumes of short stories, two volumes of essays, much journalism and a book on the subject, a children's book, some poetry, and other assorted writings. His plays have been translated into some 20 languages and performed worldwide.

Die Uraufführung des musikalischen Lustspiels Bezauberndes Fräulein von Ralph Benatzky erfolgt am Deutschen Volkstheater in Wien. 


le président français Albert Lebrun inaugurés à l'ouverture de l'Exposition universelle de Paris un Palais de Tokyo, qui abrite aujourd'hui un centre d'art contemporain.


Igor Sikorsky performs the first successful single-rotor helicopter flight.

{注意力散漫な私は、Igor Stravinsky と誤って讀んで、この偉大な作曲家とヘリコプタとの關係に首を捻り、その捻り角度がギリギリとなったところで、自分の早とちりに氣が付いた。

Acting on the orders of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, NKVD agent Iosif Grigulevich orchestrates an unsuccessful assassination attempt on exiled Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky in Coyoacán, Mexico.


1941/0524:WWⅡ:In the Battle of the Atlantic,
the German Battleship Bismarck sinks then-pride of the Royal Navy, HMS Hood, killing all but three crewmen.


1941/0524:Bob Dylan 1941--、誕生

Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman) is an American singer-songwriter, author, and painter who has been an influential figure in popular music and culture for more than five decades.
Much of his most celebrated work dates from the 1960s, when he became a reluctant "voice of a generation" with songs such as "Blowin' in the Wind" and "The Times They Are a-Changin'" that became anthems for the Civil Rights Movement and anti-war movement.
In 1965, he controversially abandoned his early fan-base in the American folk music revival, recording a six-minute single, "Like a Rolling Stone", which enlarged the scope of popular music.



1948/0524:映画監督 Jacques Feyder 188548、死去

un réalisateur, scénariste, acteur, producteur de cinéma et monteur d'origine belge, naturalisé français,
{彼の La Kermesse héroïque(女だけの都)1935 は私の十本の映画に入れたいほど

1948/0524:Arab–Israeli War、エジプトとイスラエルの攻防
Egypt captures the Israeli kibbutz of Yad Mordechai, but the five-day effort gives Israeli forces time to prepare enough to stop the Egyptian advance a week later.




Conclusion of the Sixth Buddhist Council on Vesak Day, marking the 2500 year anniversary after the Lord Buddha's Parinibbāna.


1956/0524:ヨウロパ、Eurovison Song Contest、開催
The first Eurovision Song Contest is held in Lugano, Switzerland.



United Press International is formed through a merger of the United Press and the International News Service.

Following the 1960 Valdivia earthquake, the largest ever recorded earthquake, Cordón Caulle begins to erupt.


1961/0524:American civil rights movement:
 Freedom Riders are arrested in Jackson, Mississippi, for "disturbing the peace" after disembarking from their bus.


1971/0524:日本 女權論者 平塚らいてう188671、死去

Hiratsuka Raichō est une écrivaine, journaliste, femme politique et féministe libertaire japonaise.
Elle subit également l'influence de l'écrivaine féministe suédoise Ellen Key, dont elle traduit certains ouvrages en japonais.



1974/0524:Jazz Duke Ellington 189974、死去

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington was an American composer, pianist, and bandleader of a jazz orchestra, which he led from 1923 until his death in a career spanning over fifty years.

at the Hurricane Club in New York, May 1943


Ecuadorian president Jaime Roldós Aguilera, his wife and his presidential committee die in an aircraft accident while travelling from Quito to Zapotillo minutes after the president gave a famous speech regarding the 24 de mayo anniversary of the Battle of Pichincha.


1982/0524:イランイラク戰爭、Liberation of Khorramshahr:
Iranians recapture of the port city of Khorramshahr from the Iraqis during the Iran–Iraq War.


The last Thai dictator, General Suchinda Kraprayoon, resigns following pro-democracy protests.


The ethnic cleansing in Kozarac, Bosnia and Herzegovina begins when Serbian militia and police forces enter the town.


Eritrea gains its independence from Ethiopia.


Four men convicted of bombing the World Trade Center in New York in 1993 are each sentenced to 240 years in prison.


The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, Netherlands indicts Slobodan Milošević and four others for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Kosovo.


The Versailles wedding hall disaster in Jerusalem kills 23 and injures over 200.


Russia and the United States sign the Moscow Treaty.


At least three people are killed in a shooting at Brussels' Jewish Museum of Belgium.


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