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La chair est triste, hélas ! et j’ai lu tous les livres. 

歴史暦:古今東西 03/18 今日の出來事

The Roman Senate annuls Tiberius's will and proclaims Caligula emperor.

le Sénat proclame empereur Caius César, dit Caligula, et casse le testament de Tibère en déshéritant Tiberius Gemellus. Reconnu seul héritier de Tibère, Caligula adopte son cousin Gemellus (qu'il fera par la suite assassiner).

0235/0318:024ロウマ皇帝 Severus Alexander 020835、暗殺

Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander Augustus:Roman Emperor from 222 to 235 and the last emperor of the Severan dynasty.
He succeeded his cousin Elagabalus, upon the latter's assassination in 222, and was ultimately assassinated himself, marking the epoch event for the Crisis of the Third Century—nearly 50 years of civil wars, foreign invasion, and collapse of the monetary economy, though this last part is now disputed.

0633/0318:Ridda wars:
 The Arabian Peninsula is united under the central authority of Caliph Abu Bakr.

 An earthquake affects the Levant and the Arabian Peninsula, leaving up to 20,000 dead.

Chiara di Assisi prende il voto nella cappella di Porziuncola secondo le sue regole religiose. Il risultato è l'Ordine delle Clarisse nel Convento di San Damiano.

Clare of Assisi takes the vow in the chapel of Portiuncula according to her religious rules. The result is the Order of the Poor Clares in the Convent of San Damiano.

Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, declares himself King of Jerusalem in the Sixth Crusade.

Although banished by the Pope, Emperor Frederick II crowned himself King of Jerusalem during the Fifth Crusade, after Sultan Al-Kamil ceded the city to him in the Peace of Jaffa.
エルサレムに入城した神聖ロウマ皇帝 Friedrich II (HRR) 119450 が聖墳墓教会エルサレム王として戴冠。

1241/0318:First Mongol invasion of Poland:
 Mongols overwhelm Polish armies in Kraków in the Battle of Chmielnik and plunder the city.

In a battle near Chmielnik, a Polish knight army is being wiped out by Mongolian Tartars of the Golden Horde and wrecking the city.

Supplice de Jacques de Molay, grand maître des Templiers, et de Geoffroy de Charnay, Précepteur de l'Ordre en Normandie, à Paris.

Jacques de Molay, the 23rd and final Grand Master of the Knights Templar, is burned at the stake.


At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the Red Turban Army Liu Futong Department General Mao Guigong attacked Jiaozhou (now Shandong Jiaozhou).

1511/0318:日本の神道家 吉田兼倶143511、死去

Yoshida Kanetomo est un prêtre shinto de l'époque Sengoku, éminente figure dans l'évolution d'un schéma cohérent descriptif et interprétatif du rituel et de la mythologie Shinto.

El navegante español Juan Sebastián de Elcano descubre una isla en su circunnavegación del mundo, a la que no da ningún nombre. Hoy es la isla de Amsterdam en el Océano Índico.

The Spanish navigator Juan Sebastián de Elcano discovers an island on his circumnavigation of the world, to which he gives no name. It is today's Amsterdam Island in the Indian Ocean.

Juan Sebastián Elcano 147626:マゼランの船団指揮を受け繼ぎ、1522、史上初の世界周航を達成

une capitulation de l'empereur Charles Quint, concède l'île de Margarita, proche de la côte de ce qui deviendra le Venezuela, à Marcelo de Villalobos.

a capitulation of the emperor Charles V, concedes the island of Margarita, near the coast of what will become Venezuela, to Marcelo de Villalobos.

1578/0318:ドイツ細密画家 Adam Elsheimer 157810、誕生

ein bedeutender deutscher Barockmaler des frühen 17. Jahrhunderts.
Most of his paintings were "Cabinet painting" drawn on a copper plate.
He devised various lighting effects and also applied innovative treatment on landscape paintings. He influenced many painters including Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn 160669 and Pierre-Paul Rubens 157740.

Susenyos is formally crowned Emperor of Ethiopia.

1634/0318:フランスの才媛 Madame de La Fayette 163493、誕生

Marie-Madeleine Pioche de La Vergne, comtesse de La Fayette (ou Lafayette) est une femme de lettres française.

L'œuvre la plus célèbre de Marie-Madeleine de La Fayette est La Princesse de Clèves, d’abord éditée par un de ses amis en mars 1678. Cette œuvre, dont le succès fut immense, passe souvent pour être un prototype du roman d'analyse psychologique.

The Third Anglo-Powhatan War begins in the Colony of Virginia.

Blaise Pascal founds the horse cab company Les carrosses à cinq sols in Paris, marking the beginning of passenger transport worldwide.


{以前にも同じ記事があったが、どちらが正確な日付か確認できない。どちらでも大差ないだらうと思ひ、こゝにも記録しておく。要するに、1622年の春のパリに乗合馬車が開業し、そのアイデアはBlaise Pascal 162362がもたらした、といふことだ。

New York governor George Clarke's complex at Fort George is burned in an arson attack, starting the New York Conspiracy of 1741.

1745/0318:イギリス宰相 Robert Walpole 167645、死去

Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford, was a British statesman who is generally regarded as the de facto first Prime Minister of Great Britain.
Although the exact dates of his dominance, the "Robinocracy", are a matter of scholarly debate, the period of 1721–42 is often used.
He dominated the Walpole–Townshend ministry and the subsequent Walpole ministry, and holds the record as the longest-serving British prime minister in history.

1766/0318:American Revolution:
 The British Parliament repeals the Stamp Act.

1768/0318:イギリス作家 Laurence Sterne 171368、死去

an Irish novelist and an Anglican clergyman.
He wrote the novels The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman and A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy, and also published many sermons, wrote memoirs, and was involved in local politics. Sterne died in London after years of fighting consumption.

1781/0318:フランス經濟學者 Jacques Turgot 172781、死去

Anne Robert Jacques Turgot est un homme politique et économiste français.
Partisan des théories libérales de Quesnay et de Gournay, il est nommé Secrétaire d’État à la Marine, puis contrôleur général des finances du roi Louis XVI.
Néanmoins, ses mesures pour tenter de réduire la dette nationale et d'améliorer la vie du peuple échouèrent ou furent révoquées par son successeur, le baron Jean Clugny de Nuits.

1760年、スイスに Voltaire 169478 を訪問、この頃百科全書派やFrançois Quesnay 169474、Adam Smith 172390 たちと親交。

L'astronome français Charles Messier découvre plusieurs galaxies principalement dans la constellation de la Vierge, qu'il inclut dans son catalogue en tant qu'objets Messier 84 et Messier 86 à Messier 90.

Flanders Campaign of the French Revolution, Battle of Neerwinden.

Chateaubriand fait paraître l'Essai historique sur les révolutions, qui le rend célèbre dans la haute société émigrée.

1830/0318:フランスの歴史家 Fustel de Coulanges 183089、誕生

Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges, est un historien français.
Son ouvrage le plus connu est La Cité antique, paru en 1864. Il est aussi l'auteur de l'Histoire des institutions politiques de l'ancienne France qui a influencé plusieurs générations d'historiens jusqu'à Marc Bloch.

1834/0318:法務卿にして内亂者 江藤新平183474、誕生

Etō Shinpei was a Japanese statesman during the early Meiji period, remembered chiefly for his role in the unsuccessful Saga Rebellion.


Six farm labourers from Tolpuddle, Dorset, England are sentenced to be transported to Australia for forming a trade union.

1842/0318:フランスの詩人 Stephane Mallarme 184298、誕生

un poète français, également enseignant, traducteur et critique.

作品と書物、œuvre, iivre{彼の影響を私は強く受けてゐたにちがひあに。


{一册の書物とは歴史、古今東西の歴史を綜合した世界史でなければなるまい。その作業によって詩人は歴史の天使となっていくのだ。歴史の天使となって、硝子玉演戲(Glasperlenspiel)者となって、明日等となって、世界を一册の書物=作品へと仕上げるのだ。 …… 

1844/0318:ロシア作曲家 Nikolaï Rimski-Korsakov 184408、誕生

русский композитор, педагог, дирижёр, общественный деятель, музыкальный критик; участник «Могучей кучки»
Il fit partie des cinq compositeurs appelés à créer « le Groupe des Cinq ». Il fut également professeur de musique, d'harmonie et d'orchestration au conservatoire de Saint-Pétersbourg.

Die Märzrevolution pflanzt sich im Deutschen Bund fort; in Berlin kommt es trotz Zugeständnissen durch König Friedrich Wilhelm IV zum bewaffneten Kampf zwischen Bürgern und Militär, der etwa 300 Tote fordert.

March Revolution: In Berlin there is a struggle between citizens and military, costing about 300 lives.

American Express is founded by Henry Wells and William Fargo.

1858/0318:ディゼルエンジンの Rudolf Diesel 185813、誕生

ein deutscher Ingenieur und der Erfinder des Dieselmotors.

Urkunde vom 23. Februar 1893 für Diesels Patent DRP 67 207

1858/0318:日本の宗教学者 井上圓了185819、誕生

Inoue Enryō est un philosophe, pédagogue et penseur bouddhique japonais, spécialiste des religions et des phénomènes étranges.

a Japanese philosopher, Buddhist reformer, educator, and royalist.
A key figure in the reception of Western philosophy, the emergence of modern Buddhism, and the permeation of the imperial ideology during the second half of the Meiji Era. He is the founder of Toyo University and the creator of Tetsugaku-dō Park 哲学堂公園 in Tokyo.
His Mystery Studies opposing superstition made him known as Ghost Doc or Doctor Specter お化け博士.

1865/0318:American Civil War:
 The Congress of the Confederate States adjourns for the last time.

For the construction of the Suez Canal, the Bitter lakes are flooded with Mediterranean waters.

Les troupes gouvernementales françaises tentent de désarmer la garde nationale de Paris la nuit. Cela mène au soulèvement ouvert de la Commune de Paris.

Declaration of the Paris Commune; President of the French Republic, Adolphe Thiers, orders the evacuation of Paris.

Adolphe Thiers 179777 :第三共和國の初代の大統領に選出されたが、アルザス&ロレヌ割譲によりパリコミュンをつくったパリジャンにより再建打倒の暴動がおこり、セエヌは赤く染まった。鎭壓後、彼はフランスの復興に盡力したが、支持基盤の王統派が衰弱して大統領を辞任。激動するフランスを導いた政治家としての評価もあるが、どちらかと云へば文筆の、歴史家としてのはうの聲價が高い。


1874/0318:ロシアの思想家Nikolai Berdyaev 187448、誕生

Николай Александрович Бердяев
русский религиозный и политический философ, представитель русского экзистенциализмa и персонализма.

Il était marxiste, mais après la révolution russe, il est devenu anti-communiste. Il a discuté de questions culturelles et historiques basées sur le mysticisme. Exil à Paris après la Révolution d'Octobre. En 1922, il a été expulsé du pays par le gouvernement révolutionnaire de Lénine.




Hawaii signs a treaty with the United States granting exclusive trade rights.

1877/0318:USA予言者 Edgar Cayce 187745、誕生

an American Christian mystic who answered questions on subjects as varied as healing, reincarnation, wars, Atlantis, and future events while claiming to be in a trance. A biographer gave him the nickname, "The Sleeping Prophet".

1880/0318:ドイツの宇宙工学者 Walter Hohmann 188045、誕生

ein deutscher städtischer Baurat und Raumfahrtpionier.
a German engineer who made an important contribution to the understanding of orbital dynamics. In a book published in 1925, Hohmann demonstrated a fuel-efficient path to move a spacecraft between two different orbits, now called a Hohmann transfer orbit.

1886/0318:ゲシュタルト心理學者 Kurt Koffka 188641、誕生

ein deutscher Psychologe. Er zählt mit Max Wertheimer und Wolfgang Köhler zu den Begründern der Gestaltpsychologie bzw. der Gestalttheorie.

Kofka was not only a perception but also a theorist who organized the Gestalt theory by attempting to consider from the standpoint of Gestalt psychology over almost all research fields of psychology such as learning, memory, development and social psychology. Main article "Principles of Gestalt psychology" 1935 is an English book which systematically and comprehensively explained Gestalt psychology,

Chancellor Otto von Bismarck submits his request for dismissal to Kaiser Wilhelm II, whereupon the young monarch has repeatedly pressed. Two days later, the resignation has been completed.

1893/0318:イギリス詩人 Wilfred Edward Owen 189318、誕生

an English poet and soldier.
He was one of the leading poets of the First World War.
His war poetry on the horrors of trenches and gas warfare was heavily influenced by his mentor Siegfried Sassoon, and stood in stark contrast both to the public perception of war at the time and to the confidently patriotic verse written by earlier war poets such as Rupert Brooke.
Among his best-known works – most of which were published posthumously – are "Dulce et Decorum est", "Insensibility", "Anthem for Doomed Youth", "Futility", "Spring Offensive" and "Strange Meeting".

1893/0318:日本の超國家主義者 橘孝三郎189374、誕生

Tachibana Kozaburō、a Japanese political activist and ultranationalist.

Tachibana came from a samurai family, although his father was a fabric merchant.
His politics were agrarian and anti-capitalist. He argued that radical, violent change was needed to cleanse ‘the world of national politics...poisoned by mammon and the gang of corrupt industrialists’.
He was involved in the assassination of Prime Minister Inukai Tsuyoshi 犬養毅193232 during the May 15 Incident and was sentenced to life imprisonment, serving eight years

Die erste Buslinie der Welt mit einem benzinbetriebenen Omnibus, eingesetzt durch die Netphener Omnibusgesellschaft, gebaut von Carl Benz, nimmt zwischen Deuz und Siegen ihren Betrieb auf.

The world's first bus line with a gasoline-powered bus, used by the Netphener bus company, built by Carl Benz, starts operations between Deuz and Siegen.

1896/0318:日本の小説家 佐々木味津三189634、誕生

Sasaki Mitsuzō、un romancier japonais.


1902/0318:日本の映画男優 月形龍之介1990270、誕生

Tsukigata Ryūnosuke、un acteur japonais particulièrement connu pour ses rôles jidaigeki au cinéma et à la télévision.

Das Streichsextett Verklärte Nacht von Arnold Schönberg wird in Wien uraufgeführt.

1904/0318:日本の中國學者 吉川幸次郎1990480、誕生

Yoshikawa Kōjirō était un sinologue japonais noté pour ses études de l'histoire chinoise et de la littérature chinoise classique, en particulier le livre de documents (Shujing 春秋) et les analyses de Confucius 儒教.

The Romanian aviation pioneer Traian Vuia manages a twelve-meter flight at a height of one meter with the self-built Traian Vuia 1 aircraft.

In der expressionistischen Zeitschrift Der Sturm erscheint Alfred Lichtensteins Gedicht Die Dämmerung.


General Paul von Hindenburg resigns at the age of 64 and is retired under the award of the Black Eagle, from which he is brought back after the outbreak of the First World War.


初期の青春性のあふれる叙情句からはじまり、自己の生活を凝視した作風を追求、加藤楸邨190593、中村草田男190183 らとともに「人間探求派」と呼ばれた。

バスを待ち 大路の春をうたがはず
吹きおこる秋風 鶴をあゆましむ 
kariganeや のこるものみな美しき

King George I of Greece is assassinated in the recently liberated city of Thessaloniki.

1915/0318:WWⅠ、During the Battle of Gallipoli,
 three battleships are sunk during a failed British and French naval attack on the Dardanelles.

 In the disaster, among other things, the British battleship HMS Irresistible is sunk.

1916/0318:上方歌舞伎役者市川右團次 184316、死去



1921/0318:Second Peace of Riga
 is signed between Poland and the Soviet Union.

The Polish-Soviet War ends with the Peace of Riga. Poland receives significant territorial growth, while the Soviet Union is guaranteed free movement of goods to Lithuania.

1922/0318:In India, Mohandas Gandhi
 is sentenced to six years in prison for civil disobedience, of which he serves only two.

Gandhi, whom the poet Tagore called Mahatma (the Great Soul) in 1915, was sentenced to six years in prison for civil disobedience by the British authorities.
He will be released on February 4, 1924.

The extraordinarily lavishly produced silent film The Baghdad by Raoul Walsh with Douglas Fairbanks senior in the lead role is premiered in the US.

The Tri-State Tornado hits the Midwestern states of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, killing 695 people.


Peiping students and citizens of China held demonstrations and demonstrations. The Beiyang government suppressed them by force and killed 47 people. The March 18th tragedy took place.

The American typewriter company Remington Rand brings the first electric shaver invented by Jacob Schick on the market.

1933/0318:大正デモクラシイ 吉野作造187833、死去

Yoshino Sakuzō, a Japanese academic, historian, author and professor of political science.
This Japanese author active as a political thinker in the Taishō period. He is best known for his formulation of the theory of "Minponshugi," or politics of the people.


The New London School explosion in New London, Texas, kills 300 people, mostly children.

1937/0318:Spanish Civil War:
 Spanish Republican forces defeat the Italians at the Battle of Guadalajara.

El presidente mexicano, Lázaro Cárdenas del Río, está nacionalizando la industria petrolera y las centrales eléctricas a medida que se institucionaliza la Revolución mexicana.

Mexico creates Pemex by expropriating all foreign-owned oil reserves and facilities.

 Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini meet at the Brenner Pass in the Alps and agree to form an alliance against France and the United Kingdom.

The War Relocation Authority is established in the United States to take Japanese Americans into custody.

Nazi German army occupied Hungary.

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy kills 26 people and causes thousands to flee their homes.

1250 amerikanische Bomber fliegen einen Luftangriff auf Berlin.


Decided to stop all classes except the primary school of the national school for one year.

1947/0318:GE創業者 William Crapo Durant 186147、死去

a leading pioneer of the United States automobile industry, who created the system of multi-brand holding companies with different lines of cars; and the co-founder of General Motors with Frederic L. Smith, and of Chevrolet with Louis Chevrolet.

1948/0318:上方の歌舞伎役者 三代目中村梅玉187547、死去



Soviet consultants leave Yugoslavia in the first sign of the Tito–Stalin Split.

An earthquake hits western Turkey, killing 265 people.

Hatoyama Ichiro 鳩山一郎, Miki Bukichi 三木武吉i, Kono Ichiro 河野一郎 and others who left the Liberal Party formed a Party Liberal Party 分党派自由党.


The Ministry of Education notified each elementary and junior high school about the moral education implementation outline.

The Soviet long-range interceptor Tupolev Tu-128 completes its maiden flight.



The Évian Accords end the Algerian War of Independence, which had begun in 1954.

1964/0318:サイバネティックス Norbert Wiener 189464、死去

an American mathematician and philosopher. He was a professor of mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
A child prodigy, Wiener later became an early researcher in stochastic and mathematical noise processes, contributing work relevant to electronic engineering, electronic communication, and control systems.
He is considered the originator of cybernetics, a formalization of the notion of feedback, with implications for engineering, systems control, computer science, biology, neuroscience, philosophy, and the organization of society.



Sharp and Sony announced the first electronic desk calculator.

1965/0318:The Soviet spaceship Woschod 2
 takes off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome under the command of Pavel Ivanovich Belyayev. On the same day, the second cosmonaut Alexei Archipovich Leonov is the first person to make a space trip.

The supertanker Torrey Canyon runs aground off the Cornish coast.

1968/0318:Gold standard:
 The U.S. Congress repeals the requirement for a gold reserve to back US currency.

The United States begins secretly bombing the Sihanouk Trail in Cambodia, used by communist forces to infiltrate South Vietnam.

Prince Norodom Sihanouk is overthrown while traveling to Moscow.

Lon Nol ousts Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia.

 a landslide crashes into Yanawayin Lake, killing 200 people at the mining camp of Chungar.

1980/0318:女流アルデコ画家 Tamara de Lempicka 189880、死去

a Polish painter active in the 1920s and 1930s, who spent her working life in France and the United States.
She is best known for her polished Art-Deco portraits of aristocrats and the wealthy, and for her highly stylized paintings of nudes.

Self-portrait, Tamara in a Green Bugatti (1929)

1980/0318:深層心理學者 Erich Fromm 190080、死去

ein deutsch-US-amerikanischer Psychoanalytiker, Philosoph und Sozialpsychologe.
Bereits seit Ende der 1920er Jahre vertrat er einen humanistischen, demokratischen Sozialismus.
Seine Beiträge zur Psychoanalyse, zur Religionspsychologie und zur Gesellschaftskritik haben ihn als einflussreichen Denker des 20. Jahrhunderts etabliert, auch wenn er in der akademischen Welt oft gering geschätzt wurde.
Viele seiner Bücher wurden zu Bestsellern, insbesondere Die Kunst des Liebens aus dem Jahre 1956 sowie Haben oder Sein von 1976. Seine Gedanken wurden auch außerhalb der Fachwelt breit diskutiert.



A Vostok-2M rocket at Plesetsk Cosmodrome Site 43 explodes during a fueling operation, killing 48 people.

1982/0318:ソ連の元帥 Vasily Chuikov 190082、死去

Василий Иванович Чуйков
советский военачальник. Маршал Советского Союза (1955). Дважды Герой Советского Союза (1944, 1945).

a Soviet military officer best known as the commander of the 62nd Army during the Battle of Stalingrad. Following World War II, Chuikov was Chief of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany (1949–53), commander of the Kiev Military District (1953–60), Chief of the Soviet Armed Forces and Deputy Minister of Defense (1960–64), and head of the Soviet Civil Defense Forces (1961–72).

1983/0318:松竹新喜劇の役者兼作者 二代目渋谷天外190683、死去



Ezaki Guriko president is kidnapped from the house of Nishinomiya City to a person who is "Kaijin 21 Mensou". The president escapes on his own after three days



1986/0318:USA作家 Bernard Malamud 191486、死去

an American novelist and short story writer. Along with Saul Bellow and Philip Roth, he was one of the best known American Jewish authors of the 20th century.

≫ あらゆる人間はユダヤ人である。ただしそれを知っている人は少ない。

≫ 英雄がゐなければ、我々は皆凡庸であり、どこまで行ったものやら皆目分からないだろう。


A pregnant woman's ripped murder case occurred. In 2003 the prescribed statute of limitations was established.






In the Egyptian pyramid of King Kufu, found a mummy 4, 400 years ago

In the largest art theft in US history, 12 paintings, collectively worth around $300 million, are stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.

1993/0318:USA經濟學者 Kenneth Ewart Boulding 191093、死去

an English-born American economist, educator, peace activist, poet, religious mystic, devoted Quaker, systems scientist, and interdisciplinary philosopher.
Current Contents found him to be one of those rare authors of a "Citation Classic." Indeed, even more rare, he was the author of two Citation Classics: The Image: Knowledge in Life and Society (1956) and Conflict and Defense: A General Theory (1962).
He was cofounder of General Systems Theory and founder of numerous ongoing intellectual projects in economics and social science.

生物学者のベルタランフィに呼応して贈与経済学や組織論さらには紛争解決論など、一般システム理論の社会システム理論への理論的拡張に貢献した。特に Charles Darwin 180982 の進化論を経済学分析に取り入れた進化経済学を樹立した。また、Buckminster Fuller 189583 が提唱した概念「宇宙船地球号」を経済学に導入した。

Bosnia's Bosniaks and Croats sign the Washington Agreement, ending war between the Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and establishing the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Taiwan’s first direct presidential election took place shortly. The situation in the Taiwan Strait was tense. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Nanjing Military Region held a joint military exercise in the Taiwan Strait.

In Manila, 150 people died in a fire in the discotheque Ozone due to closed emergency exits.

The tail of a Russian Antonov An-24 charter plane breaks off while en route to Turkey causing the plane to crash and killing all 50 people on board.

US General Tommy Franks declares the March 1 operation Anaconda with the aim of killing 500 to 1,000 al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters suspected in eastern Afghanistan to be terminated and designates them as a complete success doubted by some military observers, however.


As part of the Sunflower Movement, protesting students occupy the parliament building in Taipei (Republic of China in Taiwan) and continue to occupy it over the next 24 days.

The parliaments of Russia and Crimea sign an accession treaty.


The Bardo National Museum in Tunisia is attacked by gunmen. 23 people, almost all tourists, are killed, and at least 50 other people are wounded.

2017/0318:ロックンロウル開祖 Chuck Berry 192617、死去

Charles Edward Anderson Berry was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music.
With songs such as "Maybellene" (1955), "Roll Over Beethoven" (1956), "Rock and Roll Music" (1957) and "Johnny B. Goode" (1958), Berry refined and developed rhythm and blues into the major elements that made rock and roll distinctive.
Writing lyrics that focused on teen life and consumerism, and developing a music style that included guitar solos and showmanship, Berry was a major influence on subsequent rock music.


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