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歴史暦:古今東西 10/30 今日の出來事

Antioch surrenders to the Muslim forces under Rashidun Caliphate after the Battle of the Iron Bridge.

This Battle was fought between the Muslim Rashidun army and the Byzantine army in the province of Syria.
The battle took its name from a nearby nine-arch stone bridge spanning the Orontes River which had gates trimmed with iron.
The aftermath of the battle marked the nearly complete annexation of the province into the Rashidun Caliphate with the fall of its capital.

Guangzhou est pillé par des pirates arabes et turcs.

Guangzhou is sacked by Arab and Persian pirates.

1137/1030:イタリア「Battle of Rignano」
 between Ranulf of Apulia and Roger II of Sicily.

le roi Roger II de Sicile est battu à Rignano Garganico par son rival Rainulf II d'Alife



Un accord de paix entre Charles d’Anjou, frère du défunt Saint Louis, et le sultan de Tunis met un terme au siège de Tunis.

The Eighth Crusade and siege of Tunis end by an agreement between Charles I of Sicily (brother to King Louis IX of France, who had died months earlier) and the sultan of Tunis.

Les armées coalisées luso-castillanes repoussent les envahisseurs marinides à la bataille de Tarifa.

Portuguese and Castilian forces halt a Marinid invasion at the Battle of Río Salado.

1454/1030:フランス、Mariage「Charles et Isabelle」
le futur duc de Bourgogne Charles le Téméraire(fils du duc Philippe III le Bon)épouse à Lille sa cousine Isabelle de Bourbon.

Henry VI returns to the English throne after the Earl of Warwick has defeated the Yorkists of Edward IV.

Gold "Angel" coin of Henry's later reign, struck in either London or York, showing Archangel Michael slaying the Dragon (left) and Henry's shield being carried aboard a ship (right)

King Henry VII of England is crowned.

Henri Tudor est intronisé sous le nom d’Henri VII.

César Borgia organizza un banchetto orgiastico nel palazzo papale.

Ballet of Chestnuts: A banquet held by Cesare Borgia in the Papal Palace where fifty prostitutes or courtesans are in attendance for the entertainment of the guests.



A Toulouse, Henri II de Montmorency, avec Gaston d'Orléans, frère cadet du roi Louis XIII, organisateur d'une révolte de noblesse en Languedoc contre le cardinal de Richelieu, exécuté. Avec lui, les Montmorency meurent.

1657/1030:イギリスvsスペイン「Battle of Ocho」ジャマイカ爭奪戰
Las fuerzas españolas no logran llevar a Jamaica de vuelta a los británicos durante la Batalla de Ocho Ríos durante la Guerra anglo-española.

Spanish forces fail to retake Jamaica at the Battle of Ocho Rios during the Anglo-Spanish War.

1697/1030:「Paix de Ryswick」署名
la France, l'Angleterre et le Saint-Empire signent la paix de Ryswick.

After England, Spain and the Netherlands on September 20, the Holy Roman Empire ended under Leopold I the Palatinate War of Succession with the French King Louis XIV through the Peace of Rijswijk.

1735/1030:John Adams 1735826、誕生

an American patriot who served as the second President of the United States (1797~1801) and the first Vice President (1789~97).
He was a lawyer, diplomat, statesman, political theorist, and, as a Founding Father, a leader of the movement for American independence from Great Britain. He was also a dedicated diarist and correspondent, particularly with his wife and closest advisor Abigail.

1751/1030:Richard Brinsley Sheridan 175116、誕生

an Irish satirist, a playwright and poet, and long-term owner of the London Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
He is known for his plays such as The Rivals, The School for Scandal, The Duenna, and A Trip to Scarborough.
He was also a Whig MP for 32 years in the British House of Commons for Stafford, Westminster, and Ilchester.

1762/1030:André Chénier 176294、誕生

(André Marie de Chénier, dit), poète français




木枯らしや 跡で芽をふけ 川柳


la Convention nationale française crée l'École normale de l'an III, généralement considérée comme l’ancêtre de l’École normale supérieure.

Simón Bolívar establece un gobierno independiente para Venezuela.

The independent government of Venezuela is established by Simón Bolívar.


「Motoda Nagazane」熊本藩士。儒學者。男爵。



1823/1030:Edmond Cartwright 174323、死去

, pasteur et mécanicien anglais, inventeur du métier à tisser mécanique
an English inventor. He graduated from Oxford University very early and went on to invent the power loom.
自動織機(Power Loom 力織機)の開発でイギリスの産業革命に貢献。

1831/1030:USA、逃亡奴隷の Nat Turner、捕縛される
In Southampton County, Virginia, escaped slave Nat Turner is captured and arrested for leading the bloodiest slave rebellion in United States history.

The rebellion was suppressed within two days, but Turner eluded capture by hiding in the woods until October 30, when he was discovered by farmer Benjamin Phipps. Turner was hiding in a hole covered with fence rails.
On November 5, 1831, Turner was tried for "conspiring to rebel and making insurrection", convicted, and sentenced to death.
On November 11, Turner was hanged in Jerusalem, Virginia. His body was flayed and beheaded as an example to frighten other would-be rebels.
Turner received no formal burial; his headless remains were possibly buried in an unmarked grave.

1839/1030:Alfred Sisley 183999、誕生

, peintre britannique
an Impressionist landscape painter who was born and spent most of his life in France, but retained British citizenship.
He was the most consistent of the Impressionists in his dedication to painting landscape en plein air (i.e., outdoors). He deviated into figure painting only rarely and, unlike Renoir and Pissarro, found that Impressionism fulfilled his artistic needs.

1840/1030:William Graham Sumner 184010、誕生

a classical liberal (now a branch of "libertarianism" in American political philosophy) American social scientist.

Among Sumner's students were
the anthropologist Albert Galloway Keller,
the economist Irving Fisher, and
the champion of an anthropological approach to economics, Thorstein Bunde Veblen.



1861/1030:Antoine Bourdelle 186129、誕生

, sculpteur français フランスの彫刻家
Auguste Rodin 184017 の助手となり、後年、同じくロダンの助手をしてゐた Camille Claudel 186443 について

Auprès de Rodin, il rencontre Camille Claudel et en 1926, il écrit ces vers en souvenir de son visage :
« Cette chair de cristal moite de vivre encore se désombrage aux yeux attesté du soleil […] Et le marbre émouvant des paupières mi-closes s’accomplit de rosée au long éclair obscur Dans le grand regard tiède où s’animent les roses6. »

1862/1030:Friedrich Meinecke 186454、誕生

ein deutscher Historiker und Universitätsprofessor in Straßburg, Freiburg und Berlin.
マイネッケは18・19世紀のドイツの知性や文化の歴史的背景について論じた。1907出版の『Weltbürgertum und Nationalstaat』のなかで、一見では普遍的に見える世界市民的思想が民族的・国家的関心と深い関わりをもっていることを指摘した。


British historian E. H. Carr cites him as an example of a historian whose views are heavily influenced by the Zeitgeist 時代精神: liberal during the German Empire, discouraged during the interwar period, and deeply pessimistic after World War II.




Danish Prince Vilhelm arrives in Athens to assume his throne as George I, King of the Hellenes.


Mit der Unterzeichnung des Friedens von Wien beenden Österreich, Preußen und Dänemark den Deutsch-Dänischen Krieg. Das besiegte Dänemark verzichtet auf die Herzogtümer Schleswig, Holstein und Lauenburg.

Second Schleswig War ends. Denmark renounces all claim to Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenburg, which come under Prussian and Austrian administration.

1871/1030:Paul Valéry 187145、誕生

un écrivain, poète et philosophe français,
Il commence en 1889 des études de droit. Cette même année, il publie ses premiers vers dans la Revue maritime de Marseille. La poésie qu'il rédige à cette époque s'inscrit dans la mouvance symboliste.
En 1890, sa rencontre avec Pierre Louÿs sera déterminante pour l'orientation de sa vie de poète. Ce dernier lui présentera André Gide et l'introduira dans le cercle étroit de Stéphane Mallarmé. Paul Valéry restera fidèle à Mallarmé jusqu'à sa mort. Il publie ses premiers textes dans la revue L'Ermitage.

André Gide 186951
Paul Claudel 196855

Stephane Mallarme 184298
Edgar Degas 183417




Tegucigalpa finally becomes capital of Honduras.

Romania joins the Triple Alliance, a defensive alliance between the German Empire, Austria-Hungary and the Kingdom of Italy.

1885/1030:Ezra Pound 188572、誕生

, poète, musicien et critique américain

the Rudd concession between King Lobengula of Matabeleland and Charles Rudd grants the right to exploit the mining areas to the men of Cecil Rhodes.

Le roi Lobengula




Domenico Melegatti obtains a patent for a procedure to be applied in producing pandoro industrially.


1885明治18、帝大在學中に山田美妙らと硯友社を設立し「我楽多文庫」を發刊。『二人比丘尼 色懺悔』で認められ、『伽羅枕』『多情多恨』などで、幸田露伴と並称されるやうになり、明治時代の文藝の代表選手になった。


Die Tragödie Elektra von Hugo von Hofmannsthal wird im Kleinen Theater in Berlin uraufgeführt. Bei der Uraufführung ist auch Richard Strauss anwesend.

1905/1030:ロシア帝國「Czar Nicholas II of Russia, October Manifesto」
 granting the Russian peoples basic civil liberties and the right to form a duma.

The Russian Tsar Nicholas II, with the October manifesto in reaction to the Russian Revolution of 1905, allows the formation of a bicameral parliament, the Duma.

1910/1030:Henri Dunant 182810、死去

homme d'affaires humaniste suisse et également un chrétien protestant.
Une année plus tard, il participe à Genève à la fondation du Comité international de secours aux militaires blessés, désigné dès 1876 sous le nom de Comité international de la Croix-Rouge.
La première convention de Genève est ratifiée en 1864 et se réfère largement à ses propositions.
Il obtient avec Frédéric Passy le premier prix Nobel de la paix en 1901 et est ainsi considéré comme le fondateur du mouvement de la Croix-Rouge internationale.

The Ottoman Empire signs an armistice with the Allies, ending the First World War in the Middle East.

1921/1030:USA MovieStar「ルドルフヴァレンチノ」登場
The silent movie The Sheikh premieres in Los Angeles. Rudolph Valentino becomes the leading actor overnight.

Mussolini forma un governo fascista dopo la marcia su Roma delle sue camicie nere.

Benito Mussolini arrives in Rome on the night train from Milan, where tens of thousands of fascists have already gathered in Rome as part of the march, and is led by King Victor Emmanuel III. receive.

1926/1030:ミュンヘンでヴェルフェル『Paulus unter den Juden』初演
Die „dramatische Legende“ Paulus unter den Juden von Franz Werfel wird gleichzeitig in München, Köln, Breslau und Wien uraufgeführt.


日本の發明家、事業家。Toyota の創業者。

1930/1030:Clifford Brown 193056、誕生

, trompettiste de jazz américain
also known as "Brownie", was an American jazz trumpeter.
He died at the age of 25 in a car accident, leaving behind only four years' worth of recordings.

1932/1030:Louis Malle 193295、誕生

, cinéaste français

Il réalise son premier long métrage de fiction à 25 ans, Ascenseur pour l'échafaud (1957), histoire d'assassinat avec Jeanne Moreau et Maurice Ronet qui joue sur les codes du film noir et remet en cause la dramaturgie du cinéma classique. La bande originale est réalisée par Miles Davis. Elle montre l'intérêt de Malle pour le jazz. Le film remporte le Prix Louis-Delluc en 1957.

1935/1030:Agota Kristof 193511、誕生

une écrivaine, poétesse, romancière et dramaturge suisse. Elle a écrit la plus grande partie de son œuvre en français (sa langue d'adoption, cette langue qu'elle appelle « ennemie »).

Orson Welles broadcasts his radio play of H. G. Wells's The War of the Worlds, causing anxiety in some of the audience in the United States.

The 22-year-old Orson Welles caused because of its terrifyingly real acting radio play War of the Worlds in the radio listeners of the US East States irritations.

Pétain annonce à la radio la collaboration de la France avec l'Allemagne.

1941/1030:WWⅡ、Franklin Roosevelt approves U.S. $1 billion in Lend-Lease aid to the Allied nations.

Roosevelt signe le programme Prêt-Bail d’armement des Alliés.

1500 Jews from Pidhaytsi (Ukraine) are sent by Nazis to Bełżec extermination camp.

1 500 Juifs originaires de Pidhaïtsi (Ukraine) sont conduits vers le camp d'extermination de Belzec (Pologne).

In the Russian campaign, a first attempt by the 11th Army to conquer the Soviet sea port Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula failed. This advance is the prelude to the battle for Sevastopol.

Lt. Tony Fasson, Able Seaman Colin Grazier and canteen assistant Tommy Brown from HMS Petard board U-559, retrieving material which would lead to the decryption of the German Enigma code.

Anne and Margot Frank are deported from Auschwitz to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where they die from disease the following year, shortly before the end of WWII.

1945/1030:USA、MLB「Jackie Robinson
 of the Kansas City Monarchs signs a contract for the Brooklyn Dodgers to break the baseball color line.

The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which is the foundation of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), is founded.

Pope Pius XII witnesses the "Miracle of the Sun" 

1953/1030:Cold War
U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower formally approves the top secret document National Security Council Paper No. 162/2, which states that the United States' arsenal of nuclear weapons must be maintained and expanded to counter the communist threat.

(guerre froide) le président américain Eisenhower approuve formellement le document no 162/2 classé top secret du Conseil de sécurité nationale, qui affirme que l’arsenal nucléaire américain doit être maintenu pour contenir la menace communiste.

conformément aux accords de Sèvres, la France et la Grande-Bretagne adressent un ultimatum à Israël et à l'Égypte pour que les deux pays cessent le feu.

Prime Minister Imre Nagy announces during the Hungarian uprising the end of the one-party system and the dissolution of the hitherto ruling Communist Party of Hungarian Workers.

1960/1030:Diego Maradona 1960--、誕生

, joueur de football argentin.

Michael Woodruff performs the first successful kidney transplant in the United Kingdom at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

The Soviet Union detonates the Tsar Bomba over Novaya Zemlya; equivalent to 57 megatons of TNT, it remains the largest explosive device ever detonated, nuclear or otherwise.

Due to "violations of Vladimir Lenin's precepts", it is decreed that Stalin's body be removed from its place of honour inside Lenin's tomb and buried near the Kremlin Wall with a plain granite marker instead.

Stalin's body is moved from the Lenin Mausoleum to the Kremlin wall where it is buried under a granite slab.

English model Jean Shrimpton causes a global sensation by wearing a daring white minidress to Derby Day at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia.

Vietnam War: United States Marines repel an intense attack by Viet Cong forces and killing 56 guerrillas near Da Nang.

(guerre du Viêt Nam) près de la ville de Da Nang, le corps des marines repousse une puissante attaque des Viet Congs, entraînant chez ces derniers la perte de 56 hommes.


In the United States, the feature film The Lion in the Winter premiere.

In Vietnam, the worst monsoon to hit the area in six years causes severe floods, kills 293, leaves 200,000 homeless and virtually halts the Vietnam War.

1973/1030:トルコ「The Bosphorus Bridge」
 in Istanbul, Turkey is completed, connecting the continents of Europe and Asia over the Bosphorus for the second time.

The fight in the jungle is organized in Kinshasa (Zaire). This is a boxing match between Mohammed Ali and George Foreman. Ali wins a victory by K.O. in the eighth round, confirming his title of world heavyweight champion and causing the first defeat of the career of his opponent.

El Príncipe Juan Carlos sucede al General Franco al frente del Estado español.

Prince Juan Carlos becomes Spain's acting head of state, taking over for the country's ailing dictator, Gen. Francisco Franco.


El Salvador and Honduras sign a peace treaty to put the border dispute fought over in 1969's Football War before the International Court of Justice.

A first breakthrough is made in the Eurotunnel between France and England.

Quebec citizens narrowly vote (50.58% to 49.42%) in favour of remaining a province of Canada in their second referendum on national sovereignty.

human rights activist Wang Dan is sentenced to eleven years imprisonment in a four-hour trial for wanting to overthrow the "socialist system."

1997/1030:Samuel Fuller 191297、死去

, réalisateur de cinéma américain
American screenwriter , novelist, and film director known for low-budget, understated genre movies with controversial themes, often made outside the conventional studio system.





The rebuilt Dresden Frauenkirche (destroyed in the firebombing of Dresden during WWⅡ) is reconsecrated after a thirteen-year rebuilding project.





2006/1030:Clifford Geertz 192606、死去

American anthropologist who is remembered mostly for his strong support for and influence on the practice of symbolic anthropology, and who was considered "for three decades...the single most influential cultural anthropologist in the United States."


In his seminal work The Interpretation of Cultures (1973), Geertz outlined culture as "a system of inherited conceptions expressed in symbolic forms by means of which men communicate, perpetuate, and develop their knowledge about and attitudes toward life."


2009/1030:Claude Lévi-Strauss 190809、死去

philosophe et anthropologue français,
un anthropologue et ethnologue français qui a exercé une influence majeure à l'échelle internationale sur les sciences humaines et sociales dans la seconde moitié du XXe siècle.

La Pensée sauvage 野生の思考』1962 などで、それまでの西洋中心主義の露骨な「野蛮(混沌)」から洗練された秩序が時系列的に形作られたとするイデオロギに対し、混沌の「未開社会」においても一定の高度な秩序と構造が成り立ってゐることを主張して、オリエンタリズムに變更を迫った。

64 people are killed and more than 147 injuries after a fire in a nightclub in the Romanian capital Bucharest.

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