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歴史暦:古今東西 05/26 今日の出來事


Miles Davis 192691 が誕生し、

Martin Heidegger 188976 が逝去した日、




Julius Caesar visits Tarsus on his way to Pontus, where he meets enthusiastic support, but where, according to Cicero, Cassius is planning to kill him at this point.


Germanicus returns to Rome as a conquering hero; he celebrates a triumph for his victories over the Cherusci, Chatti and other German tribes west of the Elbe.

Il generale romano Nerone Claudio Germanico che conduce alle sue campagne di successo degli ultimi due anni dopo Germania magna un tour trionfale. ci sono come trofei tra le altre Cheruskerprinzessin Thusnelda, figlia di Segestes e moglie di Arminio, e suo figlio di due anni Tumelico effettuata.

0451/0526:中近東、Battle of Avarayr 

between Armenian rebels and the Sasanian Empire takes place. The Empire defeats the Armenians militarily but guarantees them freedom to openly practice Christianity.


https://is.gd/bOSxHc 東大寺盧舎那仏像


King Edmund I of England is murdered by a thief whom he personally attacks while celebrating St Augustine's Mass Day.


En la catedral de Leon König Alfons VII. Coronado emperador en España.
Alfonso VII of León and Castile is crowned in León Cathedral as Imperator totius Hispaniae (Emperor of all of Spain).


Nichiren, a Japanese Buddhist monk, propounds Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō for the very first time and declares it to be the essence of Buddhism, in effect founding Nichiren Buddhism.




William of Ockham, the Franciscan Minister-General Michael of Cesena and two other Franciscan leaders secretly leave Avignon, fearing a death sentence from Pope John XXII.

An alternative understanding, recently proposed by George Knysh, suggests that he was initially appointed in Avignon as a professor of philosophy in the Franciscan school, and that his disciplinary difficulties did not begin until 1327. It is generally believed that these charges were levied by Oxford chancellor John Lutterell. The Franciscan Minister General, Michael of Cesena, had been summoned to Avignon, to answer charges of heresy. A theological commission had been asked to review his Commentary on the Sentences, and it was during this that Ockham found himself involved in a different debate. Michael of Cesena had asked Ockham to review arguments surrounding Apostolic poverty. The Franciscans believed that Jesus and his apostles owned no property either individually or in common, and the Rule of Saint Francis commanded members of the order to follow this practice. This brought them into conflict with Pope John XXII. Because of the pope's attack on the Rule of Saint Francis, Ockham, Michael of Cesena and other leading Franciscans fled Avignon on 26 May 1328, and eventually took refuge in the court of the Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV of Bavaria, who was also engaged in dispute with the papacy, and became Ockham's patron.  Wikipedia En


Einen Tag nach dem Ende des Reichstages zu Worms wird von den zurückgebliebenen Reichsständen das vom päpstlichen Nuntius Hieronymus Aleander entworfene Wormser Edikt öffentlich bekanntgemacht, mit dem die Reichsacht über den Reformator Martin Luther verhängt wird.

1538/0526:スヰス:Jean Calvin 一派、ジュネイヴ市より追放される

Geneva expels John Calvin and his followers from the city. Calvin lives in exile in Strasbourg for the next three years.

1573/0526:オランダ獨立戰爭、Battle of Haarlemmermeer、 

a naval engagement in the Dutch War of Independence.

1637/0526:Pequot War: 

A combined English and Mohegan force under John Mason attacks a village in Connecticut, massacring approximately 500 Pequots.

1644/0526:Portuguese Restoration War: 

Portuguese and Spanish forces both claim victory in the Battle of Montijo.

1701/0526(元祿14/0419):赤穂事件: 淺野家斷絶、赤穂城、明け渡し


The Battle of Ackia was fought near the present site of Tupelo, Mississippi. British and Chickasaw soldiers repelled a French and Choctaw attack on the then-Chickasaw village of Ackia.
Chickasaw Wars)は、18世紀にアメリカの植民地化を進めていたイギリス入植政府が、チカソー族インディアンの領土をフランス入植者と奪い合った「インディアン戦争」。
Chickasaw Wars), "The Indian War" where the British settlement government, which was advancing colonization of the United States in the 18th century, competed the territory of the Chicasaw Indians with the French settlers.
https://is.gd/Dm7XE2 チカソー戦争

1770/0526:ギリシア人、オットマン帝国に Orlov Revolt, 

an attempt to revolt against the Ottoman Empire before the Greek War of Independence, ends in disaster for the Greeks.

1783/0526:アメリカ獨立戰爭終結して Great Jubilee Day 

held at North Stratford, Connecticut, celebrated the end of fighting in American Revolution.


Le Louvre est déterminé par un décret de l'Assemblée nationale et au musée, pour recueillir les œuvres de la science et de l'art. Il sera ouvert le 10 Août 1793e


Napoléon Bonaparte assumes the title of King of Italy and is crowned with the Iron Crown of Lombardy in Milan Cathedral, the gothic cathedral in Milan.


Der 16-jährige Kaspar Hauser taucht auf dem Unschlittplatz in Nürnberg auf und spricht den Schuhmachermeister Weickmann an. Sein Fall erregt bald internationales Aufsehen.

カスパハウザの出自については彼の存命中からさまざまな風説が立てられてゐた。さる大家の世繼だが、世繼問題で取り換へばやの物語に仕立てたり、ナポレオンボナパルトに関係づける大膽な說も噂になった。ナポレオンの妃の姪に不幸な結婚生活を送ってゐる人がゐたが、その人をナポレオンはパリに連れて行き、政事的な理由で彼女を養子にし「フランスの娘」といふ稱號をあたへた。そして、バーデン大公家の世繼と娶せたと云ふのである。 ‥‥ 


1830/0526:USAの手前勝手、Indian Removal Act is passed

 by the U.S. Congress; it is signed into law by President Andrew Jackson two days later.


1877/0526:Isadora Duncan 187727、生

Isadora Duncan, danseuse de ballet américaine († 14 septembre 1927).
https://is.gd/1a8Q67 Isadora Duncan


彼女の有名な逸話 ―― 彼女はある思ひつきで当時高名だったイギリスの文藝家 George Bernard Shaw 185650 に結婚を申し込んだ。「あなたの頭腦と私の肉體を持った子が生まれたらどんなに素敵でせう」。
これにたいし、 Shaw は當意即妙に答へた「あなたの頭腦と私の肉體を持った子供が生まれたら、どんなに悲慘でせう」。
だが、彼女の名譽にために云っておけば、Shaw に結婚を申し込んだのはイザドラではなく、フランスの大女優、サラ(ベルナアル)とするのもある。サラとイザドラ、かるく韻を踏んで心地よい都市傳説の感じが匂ってくる。案外、これは Shaw の自作自演かも知れない。当時流行の優生學を揶揄するための ―― 
WWⅡ以後、優生學は人間にかんするかぎりは犯罪扱ひになったが、他の動植物については遺伝子組み替へなど盛んに研究されておほいに進展し、その成果は食糧問題に寄与してゐる。そして、いづれは人間へに適用、 ‥‥ いや、これは文藝的に想像逞しくしてみただけだ。が、もっともっとスゴイことにすでになってゐるのかも知れない。


Mohammed Yakub Khan for Afghanistan and Louis Cavagnari for Great Britain conclude the treaty of Gandamak, ending the first phase of the Second Anglo-Afghan War. In addition to a mission in Kabul, the United Kingdom is given control of Afghan foreign policy.

1895/0526:Dorothea Lange, 189565、生



Nicholas II becomes the last Tsar of Imperial Russia.


Charles Dow publishes the first edition of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.


Dracula, a novel by Irish author Bram Stoker, is published.

『青髯』につづいて『ドラキュラ』か、そして、Serial Killer、

1900/0526:南米コロンビア、Thousand Days' War: 

The Colombian Conservative Party turns the tide of war in their favor with victory against the Colombian Liberal Party in the Battle of Palonegro.


https://is.gd/iWLMKj 加藤楸邨










Der deutsche Ingenieur August von Parseval unternimmt in Berlin-Tegel die erste erfolgreiche Fahrt mit seinem Luftschiff. Pilot des Parseval-Luftschiffes ist Hauptmann von Krogh.

Skizze eines Parseval-Luftschiffes



1918/0526:Democratic Republic of Georgia、 is established.

https://is.gd/fD7641 グルジア民主共和国


大正から昭和の小説家となった夢野久作188936 の長男として生まれ、



1922/0526:ドイツ映画、Fラングの Dr. Mabuse 第二部 Inferno 封切

Ein Spiel von Menschen unserer Zeit des österreichisch-deutschen Regisseurs Fritz Lang, basierend auf der durch Thea von Harbou adaptierten Romanvorlage von Norbert Jacques, mit Rudolf Klein-Rogge in der Titelrolle wird in Deutschland uraufgeführt.


The first 24 Hours of Le Mans was held and has since been run annually in June.


The Senate of the United States decides on the racist Immigration Act of 1924, which is influenced by Eugene Madison Grant, to restrict immigration to the United States.

1926/0526:Miles Davis 192691、生



1927/0526:USA、Ford Model T、生産終了


1927/0526:イギリス、Arcos incident

British and Soviet Union disapprove.




Wikipedia 讀んで、双葉山定次191268 がなかなかおもしろい(おかしいといふ意味ではありません)人物であったことがよく解った。


Im niedersächsischen Fallersleben legt Adolf Hitler den Grundstein für das Volkswagenwerk, in dem in Zukunft durch die Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH unter der Leitung von Ferdinand Porsche der KdF-Wagen hergestellt werden soll.



1940/0526:WWⅡ:Operation Dynamoダンケルク撤退

In the Second World War, the Battle of Dunkirk began in the Western campaign of the German Wehrmacht. Operation Dynamo to evacuate the British Expeditionary Force and remains of the French army is under the command of Admiral Bertram Ramsay.

1940/0526:WWⅡ:Siege of Calais ends 

with the surrender of the British and French garrison.

1942/0526:WWⅡ:Battle of Gazala takes place.

Das deutsche Afrikakorps unter General Erwin Rommel beginnt im Afrikafeldzug mit dem Unternehmen Theseus zur Eroberung der Festung Tobruk. Gleichzeitig beginnt die bis zum 11. Juni dauernde Schlacht von Bir Hakeim gegen Einheiten der Forces Françaises Libres unter Marie-Pierre Kœnig.


Der deutsche Ingenieur und Erfinder Engelbert Zaschka meldet ein Patent zu seinem Faltrad an.






1969/0526:USA、Apollo program: Apollo 10 returns

 to Earth after a successful eight-day test of all the components needed for the forthcoming first manned moon landing.

1970/0526:Soviet Tupolev Tu-144、音速二倍で飛行 

becomes the first commercial transport to exceed Mach 2.

1971/0526:Bangladesh Liberation War: 

The Pakistan Army slaughters at least 71 Hindus in Burunga, Sylhet, Bangladesh.


The United States and the Soviet Union sign the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
US President Nixon and Secretary Brezhnev / Soviet Union signed the "First Strategic Weapons Negotiation" (SALT I) and "Ballistic Intercept Missile Restriction Treaty" in Moscow.
Das deutsche Afrikakorps unter General Erwin Rommel beginnt im Afrikafeldzug mit dem Unternehmen Theseus zur Eroberung der Festung Tobruk. Gleichzeitig beginnt die bis zum 11. Juni dauernde Schlacht von Bir Hakeim gegen Einheiten der Forces Françaises Libres unter Marie-Pierre Kœnig.

1973/0526:Karl Löwith 189773、死

奇しくも、學生時代の教師であった Heidegger と同じ月日に死んで、並ぶとは!

"Auslegung von Nietzsches Selbst-Interpretation und von Nietzsches Interpretationen"。
"Das Individuum in der Rolle des Mitmenschen"。
"Nietzsches Philosophie der ewigen Wiederkehr des Gleichen"
"Jacob Burckhardt"
"Meaning in History" ("Weltgeschichte und Heilsgeschehen")。
"Heidegger - Denker in dürftiger Zeit"
"Kritik der geschichtlichen Existenz"
"Gott, Mensch und Welt in der Metaphysik von Descartes bis zu Nietzsche"
”Der Mensch inmitten der Geschichte"(歴史の中に立つ人)。

1976/0526:Martin Heidegger 188976、死





The 7.8 Mw Sea of Japan earthquake shakes northern Honshu with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe). A destructive tsunami is generated that leaves about 100 people dead.

1986/0526:European Community adopts the European flag.


Following the approval of the Council of Europe, its Council of Ministers, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers of the European Communities and the European Court of Justice, the European Communities adopt the Europaflagge used hitherto by the Council of Europe.

1999/0526:Kargil War between India & Pakistan 

in the conflict over the Kashmir region begins with an Indian attack on Pakistani positions.

2004/0526:USA、Oklahoma City bombing.

United States Army veteran Terry Nichols is found guilty of 161 state murder charges for helping carry out the Oklahoma City bombing.


Severe flooding begins in eastern and southern China that will ultimately cause 148 deaths and force the evacuation of 1.3 million.

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